Has Ed Miliband met his Bigotgate already?

Dan Hodges, a rabidly Blairite columnist for the Daily Telegraph (which explains perhaps why the DT is following The Guardian and Independent down the pan) commented on the incident in which Peter Baldwin, an aircraft electrician at BAE systems near Preston, Lancashire confronted Ed Miliband about Labour’s abandoning its working class roots.

Red Ed, the posh – boy Marxist, not only belittled Baldwin’s trade by equating it to a contruction electrician or the bloke wot fixes your granies washig machine (twenty – five quid for cash, luv) but similarly denigrated all skilled manual workers. And Hodges compounded the insult thus:

‘Now let’s have a look a Peter Baldwin. “The question on everybody’s mind is the referendum”. No, it isn’t. The question on everyone’s mind is who killed Lucy Beale?”

The Labour leader (right) asks electrician Peter Baldwin, “So who do you think killed Lucy Beale” (image source)

I sprayed the kitchen wall with cornflakes, then laughed so much I nearly shat. The idea is so ludicrous it deserves a prize at the comedy awards.

Peter Baldwin was talking about his fellow engineers in the staff room.

Does Danny Boy really believe that a bunch of engineers sit around discussing Eastenders? Who is Lucy Beale? Even my wife does not watch East Enders.

In my time I have worked with engineers, trod the factory floor, been a market trader and a computer professional. All put me into blokey environments and in none of them was Eastenders (or any soap for that matter) a topic for discussion. Who killed J.R.? Who gave a fuck?

Most conversations centred on sport, sex, and comedy. On occasion however the lads did discuss politics. And even tough I retired at fifty (Sixteen years ago), immigration and our relationship with the EU was high on the list of priorities, as were economics and foreign policy. On the EU, interestingly, the majority thought we should to get out because it was clear even then that Brussels was pushing towards a single federal state and that would mean loss of sovereignty and loss of civil rights.

Later in my career, as an IT consultant by then) I was involved with a corporation that employed more females and leftie types and guess what?

They also do not sit around discussing Eastenders – though to be fair they also don’t pay much attention to the EU either, preferring yo babble idiotically about equality and ‘yooman rights’.

The campaign has not even started properly yet, the election is still over two months away and already Labour, the paedophile l;oving party of elitists are busy showing their utter contempt for the the white working class, the demographic one whose votes they must rely for any hope of winning a majority.

What an awesome leader Ed Miliband has turned out to be. If David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage, Nicola Bennett and that weird woman who is more crab paste than caviar had selected the Labour leader, they could not have picked on who would aid their campaigns more.

No major UK political party has a coherent plan to cut immigration.
As the election creeps nearer, and latest figures show immigration has gone out of control again, it is clear UKIP is the only party willing to address the issue. The Liberal democrats would simply open the doors and dismantle all controls, while Convervative and Labour leaders mouth empty promises but are too afraid of being tagged ‘racist’ to act.

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