‘Russian Bomber Over UK’ Story ‘Not True At All’ – Ministry of Defence

Russian bomber NOT flying over Cornwall (Image Source)

The claims that a Russian bomber flew directly over UK territory, reported in a story The Guardian published Friday are “not true at all,” the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) said today.

Under he headline, “Russian bomber flew inland over Cornwall, witness claims”, The Guardian reported claims by Sue Bamford, a textiles artist from Bodmin, Cornwall, who told the newspaper that whilst taking a driving lesson she saw what she later believed to be a Russian bomber flying over St Eval.

However, the UK Ministry of Defence immediately dismissed the story. “It’s not true, not true at all,” MoD spokeswoman Emma Sloper said in a statement to reporters.

The latest Guardian story comes a day after Russia Today revealed a reporter working for the newspaper, Eliot Higgins, had jointly written a news article based on a study Higgins had himself jointly authored for a group he founded, the “Bellingcat Investigative journalism network”.

Bellingcat claims to be a group of amateur “citizen journalists” and the study, based entirely on freely available online maps, claimed Russian forces had fired on Ukraine from inside the Russian border.

After being contacted by RT the Guardian later corrected the piece to show that the reporter, Higgins “a self-taught weapons expert”, had also co-authored the study on which the report was based.

Just goes to show you can’t believe all the propaganda you read in mainstream media.

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