The Ice Age Cometh

Global Warming my arse: Record low temperatures have frozen the sea causing waves of slush to break on the shotes of Nantucket Island – a very temperate 41 deegrees north  (image source)

Had some heated arguments with the Warmageddonists and science worshippers here and elsewhere about the mathematical model version of the earth’s future versus the picture we draw from studying the real world evidence.

As usual the lefty nut jobs used the word ‘science’ a lot (and in completely the wrong context), claimed that ‘evidence’ genterated by computer models of the climate that were fed adjusted temperature data were infallible whereas data gathered from real world observation could not be relied on, they accused those of us who questioned their certainties of murdering children and when we pointed out that their attacks of researchers whose findings contradicted the orthodox message that unless massive taxes were imposed on carbon based fuel, the ice caps would melt, rising sea levels would swamp much of our agricultural land and zillions of people would be fried. The North pole would be ice free by 2012 and snow would be a folk memory.

None of it has happened of course, in fact the opposite seems to be happening. The scientists and mathematicians (two professions that make bankers, lawyers and used car salesmen look positively angelic) keep on lying of course, insisting their mathematical models are right, the pack ice in northern water that is currently imprisoning several ships is the result of catastrophic global warming and that the white stuff that is piled to record depths in parts of America and Europe, and lying a couple of inches deep outside my house in Lancashire is really just an illusion.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest on Global Warming from THE REAL WORLD:

North Pole Frozen Solid – South Pole Re-Freezing

So much for “global warming”, and so much for the “melted” North Pole, and “melted” South Pole.

Clearly, the North Pole is at 100% ice pack from Canada to Russia. Ice reaching as far south as Nova Scotia … reaching out into the Atlantic fully surrounding Svalbard, almost reaching ICELAND!!!

The icepack can be seen growing BEYOND the arctic circle at this point, reaching out into the North Atlantic.

Meanwhile, we have new reports coming in on the East coast of the United States that “strange frozen waves” of slush water are hitting the shores of areas as far South as Massachusetts.

Read full article

I suppose the Warmageddonists and science worshippers will claim that when they said The North Pole would be ice free, they meant ‘scientifically ice free’ which as those who understand science know means something very different from ‘devoid of ice’.

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