Climate Change Causes Civil War Say Climate Scientists

Honestly, you couldn’t make this shite up. It’s true that some environmentalists have said water shortages and crop failures (which only have a very tenuous link to climate matters and are nothing at all to do with Carbon Dioxide, could in the future lead to civil war, but to say climate change caused the conflict in Syria, which was all about overthrowing the Assad regime to expand American hegemony, is totally effing insane.

Still when did that ever stop research grant phishing scientists?

Climate change key to Syrian conflict and it will trigger more war in future – The Independent

Climate change was a key driver of the Syrian uprising, according to research which warns that global warming is likely to unleash more wars in the coming decades, with Eastern Mediterranean countries such as Jordan and Lebanon particularly at risk.

Experts have long predicted that climate change will be a major source of conflict as drought and rising temperatures hurt agriculture, putting a further strain on resources in already unstable regimes.

But the Syria conflict is the first war that scientists have explicitly linked to climate change. Researchers say that global warming intensified the region’s worst-ever drought, pushing the country into civil war by destroying agriculture and forcing an exodus to cities already straining from poverty, an influx of refugees from war-torn Iraq next door and poor government, the report finds.

“Added to all the other stressors, climate change helped kick things over the threshold into open conflict,” said report co-author Richard Seager, Professor of Environmental Studies with Origami at Columbia University in New York.
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