It’s Not Euthanasia, Its Terminal Sedation OK!

I. love the cirumlocution. Terminal Sedation “My client did not murder Mr. Victim, M’lud, he merely terminally sedatet the man by hitting him in the face with a shovel.”

France’s Parliament yesterday held the first stage of a debate on a bill aimed at allowing doctors to keep sedate terminally ill patients with increasing does of drugs until death comes, amid national debate about whether to legalize euthanasia.

The proposed bill — backed by the Socialist government — stops short of recommending lethal injections and avoids the terms euthanasia or assisted suicide. Well terminal sedation is so much more user friendly.

Prime minister Manuel Valls praised “a reform that proclaims the right to die peacefully, in dignity and without suffering,” in a speech at France’s lower house of Parliament.

The measure would give people “the right to deep, continuous sedation until death” but only when their condition is life-threatening in the short term. Give a patient enough sedative of course and their condition will in the short term become life threatening.

It would also force doctors to follow end-of-life instructions whether they are expressed by the patients themselves or written in advance, if they are no longer able to express their will.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Euthanasia, Its Terminal Sedation OK!

  1. The big E’s would be a very efficient way of dealing with the financial burden the old are placing on the health service in this country, if only a secret Whitehall think tank could find a way of …putting it acceptably nicely enough ( yep, user friendly ) that would enable a legislative wedge’s thin end to sneak through Parliament, past the dozing Lords and onto the statute book.
    Remember the Liverpool Pathway debacle? So calling hastening terminally sick folks’ departure something totally different didn’t work, what new creative label will they try next? The Pearly Gates Express?


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