jibo – The Creepy Family Robot


jibo – your personal electronic stalker (image source)

Launched with great fanfare from mainstream media and virtually no questioning voices, such is the fear generated in media circles by science Naziism, Jibo is billed as “the world’s first family robot”.

A cheesy, overly sentimental video selling this machine explains exactly how it will spy on your entire family and report your activities to the manufacturers, national security agencies, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and anyone willing to shell out some money to invade your privacy (all for your own safety and protection of course) And it is extremely creepy.

In the dystopian society described in George Orwel’s 1984 the creepy and brutally oppressive Big Brother regime used telescreens to keep its subjects under constant surveillance, and weed out those guilty of ‘Thought Crime’, thus eliminating (they hoped) the chance of secret conspiracies against it.

Almost 70 years after the release of the novel, telescreens are a reality and the evil Nazis of the Scientific dictatorship are going much further than Orwell’s telescreens.

Before we look at how evil their plans are, first take a look at the cheesy, sentimental, absurdly infantile video selling this product.
Many reporters at the launch asked if it was some kind of spoof or parody.

Jibo: The World’s First Family Robot

Sadly it is 100 per cent real and the product is about to ship worldwide. But that video is a psy – op designed to deflect attention from the immense potential of this machine.

If you are an independent minded, mature human being raised in an ostensibly free society, watching this piece of shit video ought to make you angry at the brainwashing techniques being used.

The sentimental, “life is so wonderful” music; The way the fake happy – family (teleported from The Truman Show/) talks to the robot as if addressing a human child; The message is, “This is what you need to complete your family. All the while, Jibo is being the family snitch, gathering data about everybody and sending it God knows where.

Pay particular attention to the way the robot interacts with family members, it is half dependent child, half prison guard. And totally creepy.

No doubt the sad, useless fucks who think they need a machine to turn a room light on for them, remember a telephone number or look up what’s on TV and report every action to the nastiest corporate and government organisations will be mad for such gadgets. They’re welcome, but I suggest when they take delivery of their electric nanny robot they have ‘Loser’ tattooed on their forehead so we don’t make the mistake of thinking they are like us.

(Read and watch more)

A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality that is contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the police state dictatorship it is going to get.

—Ian Williams Goddard

When The Robots Rule The World

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