They Didn’t Think It Through

Indonesian police burn 3.3 tons of weed; get entire town high

When Indonesian police in West Jakarta seized three tons of cannabis they thought disposing of the haul would be no problem. A splash of petrol a few firelighters and hey presto!

When burning contraband cannabis it pays to check which way the wind is blowing (image source)

As the bonfire burned however (and everybody likes a good bonfire) the cops who had not bothered to wear smoke masks began to feel wobbly. Then they fell on the floor and rolled around giggling hysterically for a couple of hours. Then they went on a rampage through the suburb hunting for chocolate related snacks.

As wind carried smoke from the blaze across a wider area, large numbers of residents in the neighborhood reported feeling dizzy, experiencing euphoria and getting the munchies. Most people in the surrounding streets became intoxicated to some extent when the plume of smoke blew into their area.

The entire town entire town got high thanks to the dopey cops not thinking things through..


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