A drunk’s wife for Deputy PM

Everyone online today it seems is raving about how brilliant Nicola Sturgeon was on the televised election debate last night. Well I watched some of it and it seems the Sturgeon mania is just a typical case of all the left wing sheeple bleating when they are told to.

In the debate itself Nigel Farage was his usual plain speaking self; lefties might feign horror when he asks why the BRITISH NHS should pay for foreign HIV patients to come to this country and get anti – retrovirals at a cost of £25,000 a year paid for by British taxpayers. Yes we all know HIV is a horrible virus, so if you can’t afford the drugs, don’t get it, simples. Condoms are free in most of the world. Farage’s comment on that could be the winning goal in the election campaign, it certainly got the Tories talking about a deal with UKIP.

Clegg was a nonentity, Cameron slippery and Miliband Geeky.

Leanne Wood hav a lush Welsh accent, isn’it, and Natalie Bennett is bonkers, probably politically closer to the Khmer Rouge than the Green Party of 1995.

And so to the Scottish elf Nicola Sturgeon. What we want to know is did the SNP, fearing their real leader would fuck up, hire Rab C. Nesbitt’s wife for this gig or are the SNP leader and the TV Buckie drinker’s Mrs. really the same person? Have you ever seen them together? Decide for yourselves below.


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