Africa’s Top Ten Human Rights Abusing Tyrants

Africa’s Top Ten human rights abusing tyrants

There are people in my friends list who seem to think racism is something only whites can do. Well, bigots, take a good look at the face of this racist. And it isn’t just whites he hates rival African tribes too and slaughtered many thousands of Ndebele tribe members on attaining power.

Ah but he’s just one bad apple you might say. OK, not all African leaders are genocidists, but every one of them, to a man, is a serial human rights abuser on an industrial scale; Idi Amin, Jomo Kenyatta, Milton Obote, Joseph Kony, Jean Baptiste Bokassa, Joseph Mobutu, The Akazu (an elite political group in Rwanda), Omar al Bashir (Sudan) and the list goes on.

I’m bored now, so all you silly, vacuous leftie screechers who think it’s “Waycist” for those of us who love our nation to want to preserve its values and traditions can go and look at this compliation of Africa’s top ten human rights abusers.

It might change your minds about what and how much we have to learn from Africa.

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