Greens Encourage People To Vote For What They Believe In – UKIP

Green Party members on the campaign trail – 1997

Natalie Bennett, front woman of the Green Party car crash campaign (Come back Caroline, we all appreciate how good you were now) was on World At One today, fielding calls from listeners, most of whom were eager to tell the leader that a vote for the Greens was a waste. This is what she replied to one caller :

The Green Party


.@natalieben encourages people to vote for what they believe in on #ElectionCall ‘a very strong mood we need a different type of politics’
1:44 PM – 17 Apr 2015

Yes, thanks nutty Natalie’s swivel eyed looniness in expounding the Maoist policies of the Watermelon Party (green on the outside, bright red on the inside,) voters are now aware of how crazy the authoritarian left’s dreams of an Orwellian Oligarchical Collective truly are.

And many of those crazy, anti – democratic, illiberal, globalist ideas are shared by Labour, Lib Dems and Cameron’s anti – British, pro European superstate Conservatives-in-name-only gang.

So people who believe in freedom, justice and equality and love Britain for its culture, traditions and way of life should feel encouraged to vote UKIP, the only party that cares about their country.

Green Party members, 2015

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