The anti – UKIP squad and the politics of hate.

Earlier in the week The Torygraph published a map purporting to show that while UKIP present themselves as the party that will control immigration, if fact UKIP’s support is strongest are those areas where immigration is lowest. A former blogger who spent far too much time in higher education and thus ended up completely stupid and brainwashed posted on Facebook:

“Inevitable. Nobody who lives and works alongside immigrants is against immigration.”

ukip map

The first comment under that post was from another former denizen and consisted of an irrational hate rant against UKIP.

Because I do not wish to associate with those who spread the dumbed down lies of the political establishment and parts of the media loyal to them I had to respond:

Oh FFS spend some time in the real world both of you. LOOK at the map, UKIP support is in rural areas. Illegals, who are heavily indebted to criminal gang masters are bussed into rural areas to do farm work for less than minimum wage, thus depriving locals of work.

Meanwhile the map shows most immigrants live in former industrial areas which have always been solidy Labour. Fortunately for Labour most of their core voters are either too think, too tribal or too dependent on benefits to ever think of voting any other way.

And for all your self righteousness I have yet to hear a word of condemnation for the Rochdale and Rotherham rapists. Oh, but i forgot that to brainwashed lefties like you those girls. being only white working class are completely worthless and therefore it is irrevelvant that your beloved immigrants were allowed by a politically correct LABOUR council to use them as sex toys.


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