I’ve been trying to warn you for years but would you tech heads and science heads listen?

Posted by Mary Bradley McCaulay on Facebook

Know for sure Google earth is following me. Went to the Dentist in Mufreesboro this AM. When I got back to my sons house and got online with my Kindle, first thing I saw was a Dental ad.

I knew they followed my online moves, and now I know they follow me physically. Is Google the Big Brother in 1984?

Well yes mary of course it is. The fairy story about two semi autistic nerds getting together in college and deciding the world needed a new way of organising information is bollocks, Google was funded, set up and promoted by the US Government and their security agency, the CIA, with the intention of spying on the people.

Which is why its search results are shite as far as relevance goes, but produce far greater numbers of results than other search technology.

Google caught being evil (again)
Are Google governing the USA
Google’s world domination ambitions
Google surveillance society
Technology taking over your life
The Internet Of Things will make your appliances spy on you
Internet businesses exist by stealing your privacy

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