SNP: Scottish Nazi Party?

Do you really want a bunch of creepy authoritarians like this pulling Ed Miliband’s strings in a Labour – SNP power sharing deal?

The SNP Jackboot descending on dissident voices (image source)


While the people of the UK are spending their time obsessing over which party will win the general election on May 7th and who they might have to do dodgy deals with to actually secure power there is something more sinister and Orwellian taking place in the Scottish parliament.

The ranks of the Scottish National Party (SNP) who are in power in the limited Scottish parliament have swelled since the Scottish independence referendum last year and there has been much evidence of them being the most authoritarian party in Britain. But for me (and many others I know) their scariest plan is their Named Person scheme.

In the words of the Scottish governments own website “The Getting it right approach includes making a Named Person available for every child, from birth until their 18th birthday (or beyond, if they are still in school)”. Sure it sounds innocuous enough, almost as if they want to say “the friendly state will provide someone to look out for your child during their young lives”. That is absolutely the way that some see it in this country but (especially with the No2NP) movement gathering steam most are seeing through this scheme for the Orwellian nonsense that it really is.

So what’s exactly wrong with it? Well if you look closely a lot of things. For one it undermines the family and this is a very important point. Many families and carers simply don’t need someone from the state snooping into how they raise their children, they have been capable of doing this themselves for a very long time.

I wonder personally what kind of questions these state “Named Persons” may ask kids. “What do Mummy and Daddy do in the evening?” for example, “How much do they drink?”, “How clean is your house?” and I think before you know it good parents who maybe have a flaw or two are having their houses inspected by the state and the possibility of their children being taken from them for no good reason at all …

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Remember, a vote for Conservative, Green, Labour or Liberal Democrat is a vote for Naziism. Do the right thing to preserve British freedoms on May 7.

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