The Mad Wee Hag goes Miley

As if you hadn’t seen enough of The Mad Wee Hag Nicola Sturgeon in the past few weeks, the SNP leader is trying to surpass her predecessor Wee ‘eck in the overexposure stakes.

All we can say is “Don’t give up the day job Nicola (just keep your brand of Maoist madness north of the border hen), Miley Cyrus has nothing to worry about.

As for the election in England, while the lefties are still getting excited about every poll fluctuation that shows UKIP down a point or two, more level headed statisticians (me) who are smart enough to know trends can only be plotted by studying polls that use the same sample size, the same questions and the same weighting method. Do that and the picture is quite different – Survation and Com Res which actually give the name of the candidate as well as the party are showing the Kippers moving up past 16, TNS, You Gov (Sunday Times) and Panelbase which giive party only show UKIP on a steady 13 to 14,  while Tory donor Ascroft who only names the three main parties and offers ‘others’ as the alternative choice sees the Kippers down at 10 to 12.

Its a funny old business polling, but as Nate Silver said on TV las night, nobody has a clue what the outcome might be.

A possibility not being talked about in public is a Con Lab Lib-Dem coalition to keep The Mad Wee hag away from Westminster. However the swearing in of such a government would quickly be followed by a return to medieval pitchfork and cudgel politics.


One thought on “The Mad Wee Hag goes Miley

  1. It’s just possible that your Mad Wee Hag may actually save the day. Let’s wait and see.

    I thought the Nate Silver lookalikes show was most interesting. If he’s right, we may have a minority government. Now that would be exciting


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