Personal Irritation Claims – Professional claims service

OMFG, we’ve had about ten calls yesterday and today about personal injury claims, mis – selling, unfair treatment  at work, medical negligence, you name is, a bunch of shyster lawyers want to sue someone on your behalf for it.

Except it seems for personal irritation. How much compo do me and Mrs T. deserve for having to listen to about a minutes babble from a bunch of fuickers who can’t even pronounce our name properly. It’s THORPE OK, not Top, not Torp and not Forp. And I don’t want to sue anybody, but I can think of some I’d like to kill if I could reach through the phone system and grab them by the throat.

All of which added up to make this poster found on Facebook seem more hilarious (h/t Ben Pursglove).

And here, for the record, the heraldic arms of the Elmet Thorpe family (not to be confused with the Wessex Thorpes or the East Anglia Thorpes). We go back to the Celtic dominance of these islands.


There were a couple of Thorpe’s at Agincourt you know, and one I knew personally in later life was involved in the D Day landings. So while I feel sorry for the poor little schmucks who have to eke out a living cold calling for shyster lawyer companies, I think my family have earned the right to be exempt from harrassment. Unfortunately the nuisance calls opt out service does not work for calls that originate overseas.

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