Poland Warns Cameron Not To Con Voters

EU bureaucracy (image source)

When I read the headline about a Polish minister, Rafa? Trzaskowski, telling David Cameron he must warn British people about the dramatic consequences of leaving the European Union, I was somewhat offended.

Who does this beetroot-soup-slurping little oik think he is, I said to myself, my dear old Dad’s generation went to effing war because this guy’s useless little third world country could not defend itself.

But them I though about it, and he has a point. Cameron should warn the British people about the consequences of leaving the EU. We’d be £56 million a day better off for a start, we would not be obliged to get involved in America’s wars and we would not be at risk of being reduced to a province in a neo – Nazi pan European bureaucratic dictatorship ruled by committee’s of faceles pen pushers in Brussels.

We would be able to make mutually beneficial trade deals with whoever we liked rather than being bound by trade deals negotiated by the aforementioned pen pushers for the benefit of whichever cartel of corporate businesses or financial institutions had offered the biggest kickbacks to corrupt EU officials.

In the event of a Brexit, Britain would no longer be an important player, in Europe or the world if it left the EU, Trzaskowski said. He then demonstrated his insanity by claiming that the ability of British people to travel as freely as they do now, and to work and buy homes in other EU countries, would also be lost, and that UK businesses would suddenly face new problems, as the country would no longer be able to influence the rules of the internal market.

This is bollocks, people travelled freely before we went into the EU, I visited the USA, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium and Norway before we joined the EU, only needing a visa for the USA. People could buy homes so long as they could afford them. And as we have no problem dealing with non – EU countries now, why should we have any problem dealing with EU countries were we to leave. In fact we have more problems trading with EU nations because of the bureaucracy inposed by the pen pushers of Brussels.

Trzaskowski, reflecting growing fears in the EU that the UK referendum could go against staying in the EU says all European leaders want Britain to stay in the UK, but not if it means undermining EU principles.

Well of course they want us to stay in, think of all the bungs the political leaders of broke third world countries like Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and traditional cesspits of political corruption like Italy and Spain can give themselves and all the jollies and vanity projects that can be funded from our £56 million a day.

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