Saying The Unsayable: Today, Melanie Phillips

Mel Phillips (source) – just posted the piccy to wind up the facebook hate mob

Watching BBC Question Time last Thursday, I was struck once again by the way it was left to one of the stock hate figures of the left, Melanie Phillips, to actually pronounce the great, clunking truth that left wing hate mobs have made unsayable.

So often it is Peter Hitchens, David Starkey, Ms. Phillips hersel, Richard Littlejohn, Nigel Farage or even Katie Hopkins (though she’s an amateur compared with the others) to articulate what is staring everybody in the effing face. And the rabid response from the left wing hate mobs only serves to underline the truth of what the ‘progressive left’ do no want said.

And what did the erudite but abrasive Melanie say on Question Time, you might well ask. Now I’m not putting this in quotation marks because I don’t remember the exact wording and the hospital connection is too slow to stream a replay of the show, but responding to a question on how the ISIS threat, the tide of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean and other aspects of third world meltdown should be dealt with, so that the people of the world come together to join hands and sing Kumbaya? She pointed out that we in the west always make the arrogant assumption that all the world’s people see things as we do and want the same outcomes as we want.

The worst culprits in denying human diversity are of course the very people who screech the loudest about the need for more diversity, the lefties. Marxism however, even the limp wristed Cultural Marxism of the twenty – first century, has always been about the suppression of diversity, the subjugation of individualism to the service of the state.

So when lefties talk of ‘diversity’ what they mean is a society of different skin colours but a single mindset, the Pensée Unique to use a lovely French phrase, which allows for no dissent or diversity of thought. This is of course, the traditional aim of tyranny.

Oh brave new world that has such creatures it it, one of Shakespeare’s characters might have quipped.

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