Juncker the back stabbing traitor feels betrayed

Jean Claude Drunkard – brandy for breakfast (image source)

You have to be impressed by the sheer arrogance of the smooth faced fixers who run the EU by stitching up European taxpayers in deals made behind closed doors. As Greece descends into chaos with a full blown humanitarian crisis already on its hands, EU Commission President Jean – Claude Juncker (aka Jean Claude Drunkard) has said he feels betrayed that the Greek government, elected with a mandate to oppose further austerity by any means at their disposal, have chosen to follow the wishes of of Greek voters rather than the diktat of the unelected bureaucrats who run the EU.

Betrayed? Juncker, a long term E U insider has been one of the main architects of Greece’s current economic mayhem. Since the folly of dragging Greece’s basket case economy into the Eurozone made the current colapse inevitable, junckers has been one of the main players in the game of stabbing Greece in the back while simultaneously shafting Greek voters up the arse.

The sooner Greece is out of the Eurozone, the sooner they can start to repair the damage done by the atrocity that is monetary union. And the sooner British voters will start to understand than no matter what that globalist twat Cameron promises, for us the only way is OUT.

The danger now is of course that some fudge will be worked out to keep Greece in the Euro to prevent the whole E U falling apart, thus ensuring this useless pisshead continues to have some influence over Britain’s international dealings.

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