Vlad The Impaler Shafts The West Again

Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi might have described her as an ‘unfuckable lardarse’ but Vlad seems quite keen on Hausfrau Merkel – or is it just political expediency? (image source)

Here’s today’s scoop (well not quite a scoop as we found the story on a whistleblower site we subscribe to):

As the swaggering, vacuous windbag Obama and his administration of war loving neo-con hawks again stepped up the anti – Moscow rhetoric in the vain hope of provoking Russia into firing the first shot in the war the US military / industrial complex needs, wily old Vlad the Impaler has shafted them again. On Monday 29 June the story was leaked that Gazprom has announced it was on the verge of concluding a massive deal that would double the amount of Russian gas flowing to Germany via a second Nord Stream pipeline.

The shocking announcement made it look like the clueless clowns in Washington had no idea what was going on and that Obama’s efforts to isolate Russia were a complete flop. Make no mistake, this deal is huge, both financially and in terms of geopolitical strategy. Big enough in fact to change the political calculus of the entire northern European region.

“Once this pipeline is finished, almost all of Eastern Europe can be completely cut out of the gas picture. There will be no need for any gas to transit through Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Hungary or Slovakia,” The Wall Street Journal reported earlier in June without beinng aware it seems, of how close the deal was to completion (Gazprom’s Dangerous New Nord Stream Gas Pipeline to Germany, WSJ)

Not long ago we reported that Russia had concluded a deal to reroute the south stream pipeline through Turkey and Greece to serve southern Europe. Ukraine is totally out of the picture then. How frustrating for Obama after he invested so much money in installing a puppet government in Kiev.

So in economic terms, Ukraine is out and Germany’s in, which means that Washington’s plan to extend US hegemony by driving a wedge between Russia and Europe has gone down the pan. Europe’s economic powerhouse is now a business partner of the old enemy.

Putin has again again completely outmanoeuvred the Americans; he waited until the last possible moment to pull the rug out from under Obama, and now he’s sitting back enjoying the show. Is it any wonder why Obama’s Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter been running around Europe with his arse on fire trying to reconstuct the effigy of the Russian bogey man.

2 thoughts on “Vlad The Impaler Shafts The West Again

  1. Americans need to stay put in America, realistically no one’s ever threatened them in the slightest. Lovely country, plentiful resources, geographically secure – what’s their beef with needing to control and enslave the entire f*ing planet?
    Putin’s a dictator for sure, but he’s also no Hitler and unlike all of Washington’s hawks put together in a big dumb Big Mack; has a brain that actually works.


  2. Yeuah, the Westphalian system works fine until some nutter like Hitler or some paranoid clique like the Washington elite decide they have to control the world.
    I don’t think the Washington (Shite)hawks club quite understand what a formidable alliance Russia and China make.


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