Troika Is Manoeuvering To Rig The Greek Referendum

Uncle Joe knew a thing or two (image source)

According to Greece’s finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, the troika, the IMF, European Central Bank and EU Commission is planning to rig the outcome of the Greek referendum on whether to accept further austerity measures in return for bail out cash and an extension of the debt relief programme.

In a TV interview, Mr. Varoufakis said unequivocally, “This is a very dark moment for Europe. They have closed our banks for the sole purpose of blackmailing what? Getting a ‘Yes’ vote on a non-sustainable solution that would be bad for Europe.”

Most politicians go anywhere near telling the truth, but Varoufakis seems refreshingly honest and is the ONLY finance minister who appears to understand the demands of the Troika are not plausible for Greece (or any other nation) amounting as they do to a total surrender of sovereignty to the unlected bureaucrats of Brussels.

Mr. Varoufakis also said Germany’s Angela Merkel has tried to skirt any responsibility by saying this is a Troika decision.

“One must seriously ask, are those in the Troika just totally brain-dead?” he added, “Their blackmail and economic war against Greece will be evidence to ensure that Britain leaves the EU. The ONLY thing that saved Britain was Maggie Thatcher’s effort to keep Britain out of the euro for she knew far too well where it would lead. The view in Poland is also now anti-euro. Any Brit who now does not vote to get out of the EU and the grips of the Troika is ignorant of world events and the political power play going on.”

The EU leaders are due to travel to Athens after the referendum. Varoufakis claims only then will they realize that their powers are so off the wall that they dare not expose their own schemes. Hollande of France wants a resolution for he fears Marine Le Pen’s campaign for a Frexit is gaining momentum. Obama wants a resolution that will keep Greece in the EU, fearing Greece will be forced into the arms of Russia, thus breaking down NATO.

Greece, Monetary Union and Europe – Omnibus
The Greek financial meltdown and inevitable exit from the European Monetary System (Euro) and possibly the EU may be staved off a little longer but will happen. If the burden of Euro membership can wreck strong economies like France, Austria and The Netherlands, how can a basket case like Greece ever cope. Greece – the final solution

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