The Whackiest Opinion Ever

Reading an Information Clearing House post on likely knock on effects of the Greek crisis (my perdictions on how the debt problems in Greece would eventually play out having been proved close to 100% accurate once again), somewhere in the comment thread I came across what must be one of the most bizarre comments ever encountered, and bear in mind I spend a bit of time on US religious right and Islamic English language sites)

Before checking out the comment though you need to know the main article,

Greek Crisis Awaits Other NATO Partners

dealt with the economic knock on effects for other small EU nations should the Greeks vote to leave the Euro single currency.

Somebody posting as sima said:

“Greece is NOT an independent country. It cannot do what it wants.
Greece too like almost all other countries is under imperial power of the British establishment / Anglo-Saxon establishmen which is in power even in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Latin America.

Even those countries who appear to be independent are under the Anglo-Saxon establishment control on a voluntary basis, due to the fascination of the ruling class in almost all countries of the world with the British and their blood-thirsty arrogant condescending Anglo-Saxon establishment.

No country, neither nor ruling class is free from the deadly and killer influences of the Anglo-Saxon establishment. And that is why all countries are losers. Losers to the Anglo-Saxon establishment which is in power in all countries either physically, by proxy or by the desire of the self in the natives or nationals of the country.

We are all doomed because of this desire to submit oneself to the wish and will of the Anglo-Saxon establishment. ”

Huh? WTF? What planet does this person live on?

Ah well, the upside is we still live in a society that permits people to publish their opinions, no matter how whacky those opinions may be.


5 thoughts on “The Whackiest Opinion Ever

  1. Ian,

    I don’t think it’s the wackiest opinion I’ve ever seen . . It appears to me to be an attempt to reconcile the all-knowing/seeing mass media tunnel-vision “world” with the mass education personal feeliings-centric “world”.

    Naturally (so to speak ; ) the glaring domination of the Anglo-Saxon establishment revealed through the first, must come about through strong personal feelings (ie. infatuation) felt by folks within the second . .

    Simple logic, and sound at that, given the premises many are now indoctrinated to believe.

    I’ll offer a far wackier opinion, which was actually presented as obvious truth by our mass media Oracle, and accepted as such by virtually everyone it presented to us;

    In the last (two year) national election cycle virtually every single contested seat in the House and Senate was won by Repubs (what might be called the opposition party). A total “landslide” . . Obvious truth that conveyed;

    The American people had clearly demanded that the Repubs stop being obstinate, and work with Mr. Obama.

    I’m curious if this “obvious truth” was conveyed on your mass media . . If so, was there any noticeable incredulity or amusement at this “opinion”?


    • PS

      There is an element of truth behind what that comment you featured said, but it has to do with which regional/racial “elites” have the most wealth and power as the world’s parasitic/psychopathic “elite” join forces now, I am quite sure. The Saudi royals are not emulating the “Anglo-Saxxon establishment”, anymore than Genghis Con was, or Joseph Stalin was . . this is not some sort of racial peculiarity, it’s what the “ruling elite” tend to devolve into, and have devolved into throughout history in all sorts of societies all over the world.

      This is why rule by consent of the governed and the rule of law (not men) is the only rational option for any society to embrace and maintain . . (in my opinion ; )

      I really don’t give a shit what the “racial” composition of the hyper-wealthy criminal elites on this planet breaks down to percentage wise, or influence wise . . it’s a global subspecies of human to me.


      • In reply to both your replies, the original comment I built the blog post from was written by someone who seems to believe that not only are we British labouring under the misapprehension that we are still the dominant nation in geopolitics and also that the leaders of USA, Europe, Japan, the Islamic world etc. are in thrall to our Royal family and aristocracy. What else could references to “the Anglo Saxon establishment mean?)

        Most people in Britain are aware that we reliquished our position in global politics after World War 2 and have been in a genteel decline ever since. In fact our position was very uncertain from the end of WW1, by which time USA had surpassed both ourselves and Germany as an industrial power.

        And while I accept there is a cabal of bankers, financiers and industrialists exercising far too much influence over political / economic affairs and that they all have a major presence in London’s financial community (The City) they are not even British, let alone Anglo Saxon.

        That’s what I meant by whacky.


  2. Ian,

    “What else could references to “the Anglo Saxon establishment” mean?”

    Well, my impression is that someone was doing what many here call “playing the race card”. More broadly put one might say “playing the masses (that’s us ; ) just can’t get along card” . . as in we need the enlightened globalists to save us from ourselves because we are hopelessly mired in all sorts of primitive tribalism, which causes all the turmoil and violence in the world.

    Race, religion, sexuality, economic class, nationality and any other differences are being exploited in a totally ruthless manner to generate the ostensible need for a tiny group of “elites” to control us all, I have no doubt.

    “Most people in Britain are aware that we reliquished our position …”

    Of course, and most Americans long ago stopped seeing “blacks” as inferior . . but that is simply not what the globalists want their needed enforcers/henchmen to believe. They must maintain a plausible impression in the minds of those they employ to do the grunt work of creating their totalitarian police state “new world order”.

    Those elitist A-holes are not trying to trick you and I with this creepy charade, that’s not necessary. They just need the “troops” they employ to see the “masses” as the problem, and those who employ them as the solution.


  3. PS

    If one asks oneself; Who would the Globalists not want to see things as that article (and most of the commenters on the ensuing thread) portrays the arms buildup the author discusses, I think you will understand why they would pay an army of social media trolls to make wacky comments like that one you are asking about.

    Answer, I say; the “troops” which the Globalists want to see themselves as participating in the solution to humanity’s virtually intractable woes . . which is to say NOT as dupes of some psychopathic elites, as the article implies.

    And as per you noted (tangentially), it does the Globalists no harm to throw an imaginary “Anglo Saxon establishment” under the bus, as the saying goes . . All the fanciful “tribal establishments” must go under it in the end, so the operators of the real “establishments” can portray themselves as our beneficent saviors from the pretend ones.

    It’s much like the Globalist control freaks ginning up an army of “feminists” to attack the “patriarchy”, I believe . . The elitists ARE the so called “patriarchy” in reality land, but of course they are not really trying to keep males in a dominant position, just themselves regardless of gender.


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