Cheering The Loony Left

Wolfie Smith – the next Labouir leader? (image source)

These are strange times indeed. Twice in July we have been given reason to cheer the loony left. The first occasion was Syriza’s leading the Greek electorate to reject the Troika’s bailout terms in Greece’s referendum. The silly lefties thought they could reject further austerity and yet still stay in the EU and the Euro but the victory inevitably plunged the EU into chaos and aroused the anti – integration majorities in the non-basket-case nations to see monetary union for the undemocratic neo-fascist bollocks it really is.

And today I read that here in Britain unrecontructed Trotskite idiot and Islamic State loving wanker Jeremy Corbyn is poised to win Labour’s leadership and take the party back to the Wolfie Smith / Tooting Popular Front comedy socialism that made them unelectable from 1979 to 1997.

Read about Jeremy Corbyn becoming front runner in the Labour Party leadership election from The New statesman

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