Has Nasa found another ‘Earth’ in corner of Milky Way?

Blogging from my sickbed this past few weeks hence the irregularity. Frustrating how they keep dragging me into hospital, don’t find anything wrong with me and yet I come out feeling a lot worse than when I went in. But how sad that blog.co.uk will close in a few months after ten years and millions of page views. Still at least we will be able to export out immortal prose to WordPress.

Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) – still hot at sixty but will her looks last until we get to Kepler 452

A report in mainstream media informed me that the science world is once again staining its underwear after Nasa announced to will hold a press conference on Thursday to announce ‘new discoveries’ from its Kepler mission, which is hunting for habitable planets in the Milky Way.

The Kepler space probe has been searching for signs of Extra Terrestrial life and new, ‘earth like’ planets outside the Solar System since May 2009, and has so far found more than 4,000 planets in the so-called ‘Goldilocks Zone’ – neither too hot, nor too cold to sustain life.

Dickeads Scientists are poised to announce they have found many more worlds close enough to Earth in their phyical make up to potentially support life, and maybe (TA – TA – TAA) even a twin which orbits a very similar star to our Sun.

The discoveries give silly, vacuous people of the type who believe star trek is a Reality Television show like The Kardashians reason to hope that alien civilisations may exist beyond the Solar System. Earlier this week Professor Stephen Hawking and the Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees announced they were joining a $100 million project to seek out signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence in the Milky Way.

Let’s be real, these dorks are just eager to knob an alien (they think the person pictured above is a real alien). Is that wrong? I always quite fancied Deanna Troi myself and although acress Marina Sirtis (above) is sixty now she still looks hot. But Ms. Sirtis is a human, she was born in London to Greek parents in 1955. It’s all make believe guys.

When I saw the story in the news however, I thought here we go again. More hysterical raving from The Church Of Scienceologt anbout yet another breakthrough for the science of flushing taxpayers’ money down the toilet.

“Solar System since May 2009, and has so far found more than 4,000 planets in the so-called ‘Goldilocks Zone’ – neither too hot, nor too cold to sustain life” Fair comment, the zone where water can exist in liquid form, the science heads rave. But …

look at this extrapolation: “Scientists are likely to announce they have found more potential worlds like Earth and maybe even a twin which orbits a very similar star to our Sun” Like Earth? Like Earth? A similar sized planet at a similar distance to its star with similar star to ours doesn’t make it “like Earth”. These are only three factors people. It’s only a tiny step on from the fantasist Carl Sagan who startedwhere all this bullshit science. He only had the two criteria, was there a planet and had anyone seen it before. Heeeeyyyyy, we found a new planet that could possibly suport an alien civilisation No and No?

Ironically the people who watched that lousy TV series Sagan did, where he showed a lot of studio special effects and convinced gullible people they were seeing live shots from deep space are the same people who get upset when anyone says the moon landing was faked. They probably believe The Terminator is real too.

A few more questions needing to be asked before we let the Science Cultists jump to their usual idiotic conclusions and convince that even more gullible sub species, politicians, that it is worth spending more taxpayers money on this shite. Does this planet have a spinning core to ward of radioactive solar flares?
Does it have a moon at the right size to stabilise the planet when it rotates?
Does it have a sweeper planet in its solar system (ours is Jupiter) to pull asteroids away from it?

Does the planet spin at the right speed? Too fast and it will freeze, to slow and the star will heat the side facing it by too much.
Is it tilted at exactly the angle for seasons to occur? Does it have shifting tectonic plates to recycle carbon?

Does it have oceans with the right ratio between oceans and dry continents? Is it the right balance of gases in its atmosphere?

There are about 200 of these factors that need to be in place to sustain life with every additional factor reducing the probability of life existing. There is no way of establishing the probability of each factor occurring, but if that is say 10% that means the odds of a planet sustaining life is in the region of 10 to the power of 200. There are only 10 the power of 26 atoms in the observable universe! All these factors ought to be in place and that is even before life has originated which has all scientists scratching their heads with no credible explanation forthcoming yet.

And then for the conclusion: “The discoveries give new hope that alien civilisations may exist beyond the Solar System.”

But actually if all that is sorted, we have the chicken and egg conundrum. For the complex molecules if life forms to develop, certain enzymes have to develop. (Here’s Wikipedia’s brief overview of enzymes.) and these enzymes can only be created within a living cell, various sources lead me to understand. OK, so how do the enzymes needed to facilitate life come into the picture before there is any life form in which they can develop? The hand of God? Alien intervention? Some Doctor Who type time traveller going back and seeding life? Which came first, the enzyme or the cell in which it developed? There are many theories circulating but none really stand up to questioning.

So is the search for extra terrestrial life worth undertaking? Let’s be realistic, light travels at 186,000 miles PER SECOND, our fastest spacecraft can reach a dizzying 30,000 miles PER HOUR going downhill with a following wind. So what takes light 500 years would probablytake our best spaceship, built by primitive earthlings a tad longer. A few million years just to get one of NASA’s funny little explorer vehicles there (23 million in the case of Earth’s secret twin actually, I checked, but I did the calcs in my head so give or take a few mill.), and then, provided the funny little explorer thing did not fall down a hole right away, to get a response from it would take somewhat more than 500 years because radio waves travel slightly less quickly than light, talk about time lag in a conversation, it would be worse that talking to China over a sat-phone. Is wasting time and money on the utterly pointless a religious thing with the Church of Scienceology? Do science worshippers not believe in evolution or even understand it. Why are they so sure there are only intelligent aliens to be found out there in deep spae and yet only stupid, primitive creatures, useless in our past (giant turtles, woolly mammorths, sabre toothed giraffes, dodo birds, dinosaurs etc.)

The problem with science you see is it’s very complex, whereas those who worship science are very simple. Back in the medieval era the same kind of people believed volcanoes erupted because the dragon buried underneath them had farted

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5 thoughts on “Has Nasa found another ‘Earth’ in corner of Milky Way?

  1. Ian,

    “… that means the odds of a planet sustaining life is in the region of 10 to the power of 200. There are only 10 the power of 26 atoms in the observable universe!”

    Not a problem, to the Siants giants like Mr. Hawking, who famously declared “We don’t need God anymore” (to explain away the staggering odds against there even being a universe which has things like stable stars and planets).

    Last I heard, the odds against all the (known) physical constants just so happening to be conducive to a universe like the one we find ourselves in, is about 10 to the 526th power. Thats just to set the stage, so to speak, upon which the infinitesimal chance of a planet within it just so happening to meet the 200 (known) circumstances you eluded to, could exist.

    The reason such unimaginably stupendous odds are no big whoop in the minds of the really really “smart” folks of Siants? : They can imagine up a megazillion universes (multi-verse), so that one universe being like ours is “probable” again.

    So, it’s really just a matter of imagining up a few gazillion more universes, and Whalla! We have the odds knocked down to where it makes sense to expect one of them has numerous planets conducive to life ..

    Life arising at all? even given all that hyper-lucky stage setting, being seemingly impossible (again we’re into the realm of gasillyons to one against), is similarly rendered “probable” in the Siantific mind, by simply imagining up whatever vast number of universes are required to make it mathematically feasible that it would happen in at least one of them.

    Life on a planet “near” us? No problem, it’s bound to be a worthwhile pursuit in the land of Siants . . cause they got lots more zeros with which to conjure up lots and lots more universes . . and we are obviously on a lucky streak.

    One wonders how many billions of revolutions per second Mr. Newton is spinning in his grave.


    • hi John, I’ve always though the search for extra terrestrial life is folly. If those super – intelligent lizard / jellyfish / plasma creatures the coneheads suppose are out there are really so advanced they could zoom across the light years from the other side of the universe to visit us, there are two options, the good one is they’d decide we are of no interest and fly by. The bad one, given their supposed technical superiority does not bear thinking about.

      So why would a sane person want to waste $$$gazillions alerting them to our existence.


  2. Ian,

    “So why would a sane person want to waste $$$gazillions alerting them to our existence”?

    Well, it’s not “waste” to those who will be paid . . and those folks are well aware of the rediculous odds (and distances) you discussed above. I highly suspect we are looking at a PR campaign aspect, more than an “honest” hopeful attempt to detect distant alien life. Big Siants is very big business, and the psychological value of continuing the “Star Trek” sort of imagery in the publics mind is surely an economic interest to those doing the big business.

    But I also see these matters from another perspective, the Globalist “agenda” viewpoint, to put it briefly. And this is what I’m looking at;

    The rapidly quieting sun is a grave threat to the global warming “crisis”, which was intended to be the key “vehicle” the elitist New World Order rode in on, I feel rather certain.

    If that “earth science as savior we must enshrine over us” ride irreparably breaks down, they need another similar “experts we little people cannot rightly question” vehicle. They will not abandon the journey . .

    And, I believe, a long term “psy-op” has been going on, to lay the groundwork for just such a vehicles plausibility, which I will call briefly; the “extra terrestrial crisis” contingency.

    That ongoing psyop is why so many now accept a Sagan/Star Trek style world-view so casually, as you sort of “detected” it seems to me. It didn’t just happen by chance I’m proposing, but was intentionally fostered for its potential usefulness as a Globalist/elitist vehicle.


  3. Ian; did I read you mentioning Blog.co.uk is a reliable archive into posterity not so long ago? What happened to “Blog Forever” & 7th Framework?
    The peeps running this show now don’t even offer the courtesy of a reason for closing it down. Poor show, esp’ for us founder bloggers after investing heavily in content and links over the years.


    • You want a reason? They’re losing money. Goolgle as killing everything that takes revenue from their advertizing schemes at the moment. My understanding (which may change from day to day) is the blog forever archive will be kept online by the EU until the EU collapses (over to Mr. Varoufakis), after that who knows?


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