Even Left Wing News Sites Are Turning On The Bigots Who Screech Racism

The backlash had to come. With the leftie screechers getting so ridiculous in the way they tried to find ‘waycism’ in every utterance of white conservatives, non aligned voters and non voters, anyone who did not have ‘I love blacks, gays and rapists so long as they are foreigners’ tattooed across their forehead’ even the left of mainstream media are seeing what idiots these needy, emotionally crippled attention seekers are.

The writer, an African American, makes the point very cuttingly that anti racism is now a religion among affluent white American liberals. I can’t agree with him entirely on that, to me it seems more one of the dogmas of a new religion, alongside a warped version of environentalism that preaches hatred of carbon dioxide while accepting the huge environmental damaged cause by the manufacture of iPads and smartphones, and a reverential deference towards gays, lesbians and transexuals.

The priests of this new religion are every bit as ruthless in rooting out politically incorrect thinking as medieval inquisitors were in their pursuit of heretics.

Here’s the start of an article the excesses of the racism OCD clowns from The Daily Beast

Antiracism, Our Flawed New Religion

Opposition to racism used to be a political stance. Now it has every marking of a religion, with both good and deleterious affects on American society.

An anthropology article from 1956 used to get around more than it does now, “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema.” Because my mother gave it to me to read when I was 13, of course what I remember most from it is that among the Nacirema, women with especially large breasts get paid to travel and display them. Nacirema was “American” spelled backwards—get it?—and the idea was to show how revealing, and even peculiar, our society is if described from a clinical distance.

These days, there is something else about the Nacirema—they have developed a new religion. That religion is antiracism. Of course, most consider antiracism a position, or evidence of morality. However, in 2015, among educated Americans especially, Antiracism—it seriously merits capitalization at this point—is now what any naïve, unbiased anthropologist would describe as a new and increasingly dominant religion. It is what we worship, as sincerely and fervently as many worship God and Jesus and, among most Blue State Americans, more so.

To someone today making sense of the Nacirema, the category of person who, roughly, reads the New York Times and the New Yorker and listens to NPR would be a deeply religious person indeed, but as an Antiracist. This is good in some ways—better than most are in a position to realize. This is also bad in other ways—worse than most are in a position to realize.


For example, Ta-Nehisi Coates, now anointed as James Baldwin’s heir by Toni Morrison (a writer of absolutely shite novels read by self hating white middle class American liberals – which is how we know the books are shite), is formally classified as a celebrated writer. However, the particulars of his reception in our moment reveal that Coates is, in the Naciremian sense, a priest. Coates is “revered,” as New York magazine aptly puts it, as someone gifted at phrasing, repeating, and crafting artful variations upon points that are considered crucial—that is, scripture. Specifically, Coates is celebrated as the writer who most aptly expresses the scripture that America’s past was built on racism and that racism still permeates the national fabric.

This became especially clear last year with the rapturous reception of Coates’ essay “The Case for Reparations.” It was beautifully written, of course, but the almost tearfully ardent praise the piece received was about more than composition. The idea was that the piece was important, weighty, big news. But let’s face it – no one, including Coates himself, I presume, has any hope that our current Congress is about to give reparations for slavery to black people in any significant way. Plus, reparations had been widely discussed, and ultimately put aside, as recently as fifteen years ago in the wake of Randall Robinson’s The Debt. Yet Coates’ article was discussed almost as if he were bringing up reparations as a new topic.

It actually made perfect sense. People loved Coates’ article not as politics, since almost no one thinks reparations are actually going to happen. But belle-lettristic concerns weren’t the key either: Coates is hardly the only writer out there who has a way with the words. People were receiving “The Case for Reparations” as, quite simply, a sermon.

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If Race and Gender Are Social Constucts WTF Is Diversity All About
from Medium, authored by by Timi Olotu, 12 December, 2017
Analysis by a black writer of the logical contortions performed by left wing whites in trying to gloss over the many contradictions in their politically correct thinking on race, colour or ethnicity and gender identity.

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4 thoughts on “Even Left Wing News Sites Are Turning On The Bigots Who Screech Racism

  1. Ian,

    While I appreciate some serious consideration of these serious matters, it is difficult to take a person who actually thinks this is really about “antiracism” seriously.

    To my mind, it’s about acceptance of “black” racism, which is now epidemic as far as I can tell.

    “Whites” don’t routinely speak of other “whites” as “my people”, or “my brothers and sisters”, or of “the European American community”, or of “White culture”, “the White struggle”, “White pride”, or of being “in solidarity” with other “whites”, etc. etc.

    Mr. McWhorter concludes his essay with;

    “Naciremian Antiracism has its good points, but it is hopefully a transitional stage along the way to something more genuinely progressive.”

    Perhaps the end of seeing folks of a particular “race” routinely speaking in blatantly racist lingo as utterly abhorrent, while seeing folks of another “race” doing the exact same thing as perfectly acceptable, even noble . . brother John?


    • I did qualify my endorsement of the article John, my reasons for highlighting it were to inform certain readers of this blog (who are banned from commenting because their comments could all be summed up as saying anyone who does not agree with them is a sexist, racist, homophobic bigot,) that actually there are some African American (or whatever the politically correct term for them is this week) writers out there who find the ‘liberal’ determination to see racism in everything white people say and do has become ridiculous.

      I agree that ‘anti-racism’ is actually support for black racism, but unlike the bigots who call people like you and I bigots, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on that or anything else.


      • Ian,

        “I did qualify my endorsement of the article John…*

        Yes, sorry if I gave the impression that I thought otherwise . . the slight “whining” I sent in your direction had more to do with your use of language like “backlash”, and “even the left of mainstream media are seeing …”

        The whole “waycism” matter is just contrived “divide and conquer” manipulation to my mind, propagated through the fake “sides” of the corporate mainstream media. And the utter failure of this self-supposed expert on racism, to detect glaring signs of it that I could have detected when I was ten, left me somewhat puzzled at your use of that “left of mainstream media backlash” sort of lingo.

        Your subsequent explanation/expansion, of a rather limited intent to demonstrate some basics to some people apparently taken in by this ruthless tactic of our A-hole conquerers, is appreciated, and not wholly unexpected. I hope you don’t mind me making what i think is the most important of the basics perfectly clear;

        The mass media is a propaganda system, folks, not your bestest friends trying to inform or educate you.


  2. […] Even Left Wing News Sites Are Turning On The Bigots Who Screech Racism The backlash had to come. With the leftie screechers getting so ridiculous in the way they tried to find ‘waycism’ in every utterance of white conservatives, non aligned voters and non voters, anyone who did not have ‘I love blacks, gays and rapists so long as they are foreigners’ tattooed across their forehead’ even the … Continue reading […]


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