Why Aren’t Feminists Queueing To Fellate Walter Palmer

A dead lion? He’s not dead, he’s resting (image source)

If you are not yet familar with the name Walter Palmer, this fiftysomething dentist from Minnesota is currently the most hated man in the universe, galaxy, solar system, on the planet, north American continent, Facebook. Well among liberal and leftie sheeple on Facebook.

Why? you might well ask. Did he abort babies eighteen months into the pregnancy and serve their sauteed bodies to his friends for lunch like Dr. Kermit Gosnell? No but the liberals and lefties campaigned to keep Gosnell out of jail.

Did he start wars that killed thousands of innocent people in Libya, Syria, Yemen and a few other places like Barack Hussein Obama did? No, yet the liberals and lefties want to give him an unconstitutional third term.

Did he start riots in support of a mugger who when challenged by gun wielding police, bull rushed the officers causing one to discharge his weapon in a not unreasonable way in the circumstances? No he didn’t.

What Walter Palmer did to upset the Yooman Rights crowd was he shot a lion. A nasty, vicious, smelly, dangerous lion (these terms apply to all lions, especially the males) with a cutesy-pie name, Cecil.

For that you would think the Yooman rights screechers would lionise him (boom boom). Male lions you see are sexist and you know how the lefties would react if a libertarian blogger said women are neurotic and lesbians are fat and ugly.

Yes, the screechometer would be turned up way past eleven. Yet Cecil treated his wives like dirt, was probably guilty of marital rape (you don’t think lions seek written consent do you?) and whacked the cubs when they pissed him off.

I’m not defending big game hunting, its nasty and cruel, all I’m looking for is a bit of consistency and less of the hypocritical double standards from lefties. OK, Cecil might be a gay name and we’ve heard all the stupid, fatuous arguments about gay animals from lefties, but Cecil was not gay and did not call himself Cecil. He probably called himself “Mighty – superfeline – with – razor – sharp – claws – that – could – disembowel – a – puny – metrosexual – with – one – slash – so – fuck – off (or in Swahili, Simba). Lions are neither gay, metrosexual not liberal – especially big, alpha males like Cecil, in fact they are the most sexist of creatures so the feminists and their fellow travellers should be singing the praises of Walter Palmer and celebrating the demise of Cecil the sexist lion.

There is something a bit scummy and cowardly about luring a lion from its hunting grounds with bait, botching its dispatch with a bow-and-arrow and then having to stalk the wounded creature for 40 hours before finally putting it out of its misery, as Palmer did (allegedly)

BUT ……………………………..

This is how alpha male lions live their lives; they laze around preening themselves like the winner of a David Beckham lookalike contest while the females in the pride do all the hunting, childcare and so on. Then, when it’s dinner time, they amble over to the still warm corpse of the buffalo, warthog, antelope etc. that the harem has killed and take the choice bits because, hey, they’re the daddy and that’s their prerogative. If you’re a man of a certain age (between 14 and 95) this lifestyle can look very appealing but feminists ought to hate it. So why are they staging hate attacks against a dentist who struck a blow against Leonine sexism.

The real crime here was that of the animal rights dickhead who gave a lion, a species that are surely the Nephilim of the Savanna, a wussy, limp wristed name like Cecil.

Farmyard Frolics

7 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Feminists Queueing To Fellate Walter Palmer

  1. Hmm yes. Millions of male chicks fed live into grinding machines worldwide every day doesn’t deter liberal peeps from slurping on their egg finger dip breakfasts as they tut tut over poor Cecil’s story in the daily corporate shite..only touches the seal-bloodgeoned red iceburg of hypocrisy on this one.
    ( good form with the one-liners here btw 🙂 )


  2. A few months ago I encountered some casual “reasoning” based on the notion that “homosexuality” is common among essentially all critters, and I wondered how exactly this came to be Gospel, so to speak, without me ever witnessing such behavior among animals (with the exception of hyper-randy adolescent domestic canines, who didn’t seem to care if their “lover” was a human leg, or a rocking horse left out in the yard overnight, etc.)?

    So, I went alooking for some sources of this now oft cited “fact”. And this (from the Wiki)
    is what I found pretty typical;

    “Homosexual behavior in animals is sexual behavior among non-human species that is interpreted as homosexual or bisexual. This may include sexual activity, courtship, affection, pair bonding, and parenting among same-sex animal pairs.”

    “Affection”? “Pair bonding”? My goodness, it turns out I myself would be “homosexual” (if I were not human??) . . along with virtually everyone I ever knew, since I certainly felt affection for other males, and at times had male “best friends”, with whom I “pair bonded”. ???

    And, every (nonhuman??) mother or father that felt affection for their child (and doubly so those who “pair bonded” with them at any point) has engaged in incestuous “sexually activity”, according to the current man-gods of sexuality . .

    Just how stupid can someone be about the rich emotional lives of non-psychopathic critters, one wonders . . ?

    (And, ya know, it’s been definitely observed in some species of spiders, that the females kill and eat their “mates” quite routinely . . So guys (and gals), lets just hope we don’t have to deal with any man-gods who find this inspirational . . )


  3. One of the things the bearded queens in bridal gowns used in their campaign was a report by George Murray, a member of RF Scott’s antarctic expedition about the depravity of Penguins. Murray reported homosexual necrophilia among penguin colonies.

    The argument collapsed when an ornithologist pointed out that a dead penguin of either sex assumes the same posture as a female penguin offering herself for mating purposes.

    So the necrophilac penguins observed by Murray were not gay or necrophiliac, just stupid. But then birds, like supporters of the left are not known for high intellect.

    To assign human motivations to instinct driven animal behaviour is both the height of stupidity and arrogance in my view.

    And I’m sure some of the things we did at the all boys school I attended from eleven to fourteen would result in us all being tagged as lifelong gays now.


  4. Ian,

    “And I’m sure some of the things we did at the all boys school I attended from eleven to fourteen would result in us all being tagged as lifelong gays now.”

    Apparently (I have not actually checked the law myself)it is now illegal in at least one State, to council youths who report confusion or anxiety about sexual feelings toward members of the same sex, that this may be a temporary thing.

    This despite warnings by some prominent “gay activists” not to jump on the “born this way” bandwagon too fervently, since studies have shown that about 80% of youths who report such feelings end up self identifying as exclusively heterosexual, once they are adults.

    And, according to recent studies, only about one and a half percent of adults self identify as anything but heterosexual.

    Nevertheless, Siants marches on . .


    • Screaming headlines suggest fifty per cent of men are now exclusivly gay, but the statistics say it is between one and two per cent.

      And I wonder about the methodology: might the case be something like “We asked 1000 customers in gay bars to identify their sexuality, ten per cent said they were exclusively gay. The resuls were then adjusted to allow for people whose answers were ambiguous or those in denial about their sexuality.


  5. PS

    Correction; The National health Interview Survey released by the Center for Disease Control in July, 2014 found that about one and a half percent self identify as homosexual (“gay”). About another one percent identify as something other than “straight”, mostly bisexual.


  6. PS

    Correction; The National health Interview Survey released by the Center for Disease Control in July, 2014 found that about one and a half percent self identify as homosexual (“gay”). About another one percent identify as something other than “straight”, mostly bisexual.


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