Quality Content? The New Is Anti – Quality

American activist site Alternet posted a story with the interesting headline

7 Surprising Ways Porn Is Changing

Users of Internet pornography are probably familiar with the site YouPorn. And maybe RedTube. There’s also Tube8, XTube, ExtremeTube, and PornHub. The list goes on. These sites, often referred to as the “tube sites,” host a wide array of free (and largely pirated) user-generated content that’s starting to change the porn industry. Listed below are seven of the most surprising ways porn is changing.

1. There’s a lot less content.

Industry insiders will confirm that porn production is at an all-time low. Colin and Angie Rowntree have been in the porn business for over 20 years. Back in 1994, the AVN Hall of Fame inductees founded the BDSM website Wasteland.com. In 1999, Angie started Sssh.com, a porn site “for women, by women.” Colin estimates that at least 50% of the small studios have gone under in the past 10 years. Angie told me, “A lot of the little tiny mom-and-pop ones are gone, and those were the ones that had original ideas.”

Colin added, “If you want to get new content, quality content that’s actually well made, somebody has to pay the performers. Somebody has to pay the cameraman. Somebody has to pay the editors. Somebody has to pay for all this stuff. And if nobody is paying to buy it, the whole thing comes tumbling down — which it currently is.”

Colin is right of course and his words apply to everything on the net, not just porn. It was inevitable that the hippy ideology of the founding beardies would lead to this, all that caring, sharing, join-hand-and-sing-kumbafuckingya bollocks could never work. It takes time and resources to make video content, be it porn, comedy, documentary or highbrow drama.

It takes time and dedication to write good fiction and articles, make good video, compose and record good music, or create good artwork. Yet because of the way Google works, the net wants new content every day, and yet people who want to, and have the skills and talent to create good new content are frustrated by the way their work is ‘shared’ (pirated) by people who are just attention seekers or stolen by rip off merchants.

If we want to avoid the net becoming nothing more than an advertising medium we need to get our heads round the idea that people who entertain us have to eat and pay their rent.


3 thoughts on “Quality Content? The New Is Anti – Quality

  1. Not only porn Ian, creatives everywhere get their original content pirated, re-packaged and profiteered by the sterile mainstream. Look what happened to yt back in 2007 – 2012;

    Loads of original ideas and content by pioneering unsung artists and writers over the years go the same way, music too, eg colorful pirate radio to the drab and bland poor imitation R1.
    Parasitic in the extreme, but money wields the power to get away with it but as you infer, the result is a watering down of a watering down, cronyism and plagiarism over talent and the identikit tuneless & soul-less society of today.


    • I picked the porn thing up from an online news site, although I can’t think of pornographers as creative artists the article made a good point and I’ll use it later to argue that Google’s talk of favouring ‘quality content’ is exposed as a lie, the search engine cannot discern quality and so only measures new, popular, and most important, how much money it will earn Google.

      In other words, the internet is shite.


  2. As is most new published literature, TV, news(esp), art, music and film in the UK; because content- promotion is being pumped by an established and entrenched Oxbridge/Jewish clique largely on the basis of cronyism and PC rather than on “risky” fresh talent.

    That’s why quality 70s/80s/90s comedy the likes of On The Buses, Minder, Ab Fab, Bottom, Fools and Horses etc still ups the viewing ratings. Doubtful whether scriptwriters of the caliber of John Sullivan would even get a look-in on today’s wretchedly sterile BBC.

    Bullseye repeats are a fave – crap prizes amid beige heaven and not a ripple of obesity on show.


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