Tianjin – new centre of world finance attacked

Some have called me a conspiracy theorist because I look at evidence with a sceptical eye and speculate about what might really be going on when official versions of government propaganda fairy tales news stories fail to make sense.

What I suggest might have happened is not usually a ‘conspiracy theory at all. So in the interests of furthering the education of certain university lecturers, scientists and politicians who follow this blog to steal my bon mots, THIS IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY (That does not mean it is wrong however.)

Yesterdays “deliberate apocalyptic special weapons” attack upon the new center of world finance located in the Yujiapu Financial District of the Chinese city Tianjin (was ordered ) by Obama regime forces.

Think this is not a WAR.. sheesh.. think again. This was done with Special Weapons.. such as also deployed in 911. The video below the commentator says people on the scene saw something fall from the sky to make the blast.

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Massive Explosion in China: Do We Know the Full Story?
The massive explosion at a chemical plant in the city of Tianjin in northern China was a shocking eveny by any standard. But as usual in recent years, once the initial horror recedes the unfortunate accident narrative starts to unravel. The first thing we notice is that the disaster is very convenient for certain parties, the second is that official news reports just don’t make sense, and the third is that eye witness reports contradict the edited news stories. Now read on …


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