Russia Today the only obstacle to God King Obama’s Global Empirea

Ian will not be posting for a few days (family business) and with the end of in sight he has finally got round to changing his password so us Daily Stirrer contributors can’t post on his name – Xavier Connolly

Extracted from an article by Andre Vltchek published at Information Clearing House
(you’ll have to scroll down a way to reach this section)

Perhaps the greatest living European filmmaker, Emir Kusturica, recently wrote, sarcastically, that: “World War III will start with Pentagon bombing of RT”, referring to the powerful television network “Russia Today”. RT commented:

“RT is a real threat to US state propaganda as it reaches Americans “in their own homes, in perfect English, better than they use on CNN.” And that is why, according to the director, Washington could get fed up and seek to silence RT by force – much like NATO did to Serbian state TV in April 1999.

In turn, Kusturica predicts, Moscow would destroy CNN, which he considers the flag-bearer of pro-American propaganda: “CNN in direct transmissions assures that since the 1990s America has been leading humanitarian actions, and not wars, and that its military planes rain angels, not bombs!””

Although some of the greatest thinkers confronting the Empire – Saramago, Galeano and Pinter – have recently passed away, there are still many of those who are managing to escape indoctrination. Some are regrouping around new non-Western television networks like TeleSUR, RT and PressTV.

It is like Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, all over again. Some people, stubbornly, refuse to burn their books.

Even in the West, some powerful media outlets – CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, ICH, VNN, Global Research, and others – are holding the line. They are not yet winning, far from it, but they are not dying, either!

As long as the independent thought is alive, not everything is lost.

“I rebel; therefore we exist”, wrote French philosopher Albert Camus. He also added: “The feeling of rebellion is born in oppression”.

The Empire denies that it oppresses the world. It indoctrinates both oppressors and the oppressed, re-defining, in fact “re-branding” oppression as freedom.

Those of us, who are managing to escape its indoctrination, are now rebelling. Therefore – humanity still exists.

6 thoughts on “Russia Today the only obstacle to God King Obama’s Global Empirea

  1. The Vietnam war seems a long way in the past these days – 58,000 US troops and two million Vietnamese dead, all for nothing. Today’s Ho Chi Mihn City ( formerly Saigon) is proof enough, without even touching on Iraq, that America never learns from past mistakes.


    • Germany too, as Angie Baby continued her efforts to drag us into her insane, politically correct world yesterday, the German Social Democrat foreign minister was banging on about how the EU is embarrassing itself by not opening the doors to 500 million wannabes.

      Both seem to have forgotten that the last two times Germany tried telling the rest of Europe what to do, the outcome was not good for the German people.

      Kaiser Bill took the honorable way out of course, and Uncle Adolf took a past boat to South America (allegedly)


      • ‘Uncle Adolf’, according to what appeared to be a well-researched TV docu’ I saw a while back, is presently doing a King Richard III; his charred remains having allegedly ended up under what is now a suburban car park outside Berlin.
        Many contemporary admirers of the 3rd Reich would claim the fuhrer’s only bad point was failure to pay & display.


  2. Yo,

    I’ve been doing some reading and commenting on ‘Information Clearing House’ (The ICH mentioned in this piece here, it seems) and I am rather certain at this point that it is “controlled opposition” propaganda.

    The articles and many commenters are relentlessly beating the down with America, down with the UK, down with the “West” war-drums. Not down with the “regimes” or “ruling elites” alone, but often with the entire countries.

    A very common theme there last I looked, goes something like; America and Briton (sometime France too) ought to be taking in all these people, because they are the ones doing all this bombing and disruption of the places the refugees are fleeing.”

    (As I spoke of recently with you, Ian) There is no clear distinction being made between the American (British, etc) people, and the Government. It’s the Americans did this, and the British did that, or at best, The US or UK did this or that.

    And it is rather obvious to me that something I have been warning about for several years is unfolding now. It’s not intended to be the American or Western New World Order, because that’s where the concept of self-rule/rule by consent of the governed is most well established and successful.

    Our societies’ forms of government/economics, are not at all conducive to the rule by a few (smart, loving, scientifical) elites . . which is to say, the ancient way of doing civilization.

    “Our” role in this psychopathic con game, is essentially as scapegoats. We are being thoroughly demonized, and held up as examples of how not to do Government. The people’s inbred hatreds and malignant acquisitiveness are being blamed for what our “representatives” have done, to appease us.

    * And what else could one expect but war and exploitation when the seething masses are allowed to control the reigns of power? That sort of thing might have worked well enough for us once upon a time (at the cost of all those “others” we colonized or wiped out) but in this modern age, the consequences of such behavior are far too grave to be allowed to continue. We need an enlightened intellectual elite to make things fair between us, and work for the betterment of all humanity . . as one great family.*

    I see a few others commenting who seem to get the big picture, so to speak, and some who get it when I “spell it out”, but mostly I see what appear to me to be NWO hirelings and intell folks, stoking the fires of our impending demise. We are the Germans and Japanese of WW11 now, deserving of all the “bad karma” coming our way, soon.


  3. John,
    France, Britain, America, (the FUKUS axis), Germany, Russia, China … something I learned at my dear old Dad’s knee (he worked for three major newspapers in his career) is there has to be a kind of journalistic shorthand to avoid news reporting starting to seem very pedantic and boring.

    Thus “Today Ruritania sent troops over the border into Slobbovian territory in retaliation for Slobbovia kidnapping the Ruritanian Crown Prince.

    There is an understanding between journalists, publishers and readers that such reporting does not refer to every person in Ruritania or Slobbovia but to the legal government that acts for the nation.

    Have you heard of The Royal We, as in Queen Victoria saying “We are not amused”. It means the monarch speaks for the various ‘estates’ of the nation, in the case of the USA, the executive, Supreme Court and Congress, in Britain The Monarchy (the concept not the individual) the Lords (court and church) and Commons (elected assembly).
    So when we say America bullies smaller nations, we do not mean every US citizen any more than we think everyone in France is responsible for drone strikes in Syria or that the whole of Britain wants their nation to be absorbed into a federal European superstate when Barack Obama says Britain wants closer ties with Europe.
    In fact almost the whole of Britain was united in saying “What business is it of his to tell us what we want.”


  4. Ian,

    “…there has to be a kind of journalistic shorthand to avoid news reporting starting to seem very pedantic and boring.”

    Sure, I get that, but the word ‘regime’ for instance, is not really all that pedantic or boring it seems to me . . (and obviously it’s used by the presstitutes whenever it suits their Johns so to speak with the money and power etc.)

    One of the reasons I spoke up here is because you actually displayed some of the sort of “de-Orwellianizing” I’m advocating here, as I see it. Like this stuff;

    “…a real threat to US state propaganda …”

    That could have been written~ a real threat to US propaganda ~ for brevity and the royal we and all that, but the term ‘state’ implies the sort of simple differentiating I’m talking about.

    An occasional “so called” or “supposed” can go a long way I believe, without overly straining the lingo style people have been acclimated to (by no accidsent at all says I) . . and terms like ‘pretend’ stuck in front of ‘leader’ or ‘American interests’ can take that sort distinction between truth and double-speak even further.

    “In fact almost the whole of Britain was united in saying “What business is it of his to tell us what we want.”

    Right, that’s the ticket I say . . not “What business is it of America to tell us what we want?” . . which is probably what some folks said, without really thinking twice. I’d bet my (soon to) bottom dollar that’s how the “masters” want us to speak of such things, rather than bypassing the “royal we” jargonese.

    If “we” don’t knock off the unthinking imitation of the “easy way” to refer to people and ideas that we’ve “inherited” from the propaganda wizards who have been conjuring virtual gibberish for us to repeat, I don’t see how we can avoid being unwitting echo sources of their subtle “divide and conquer” mind games.

    And you are just the sort of person I think can help lead the way, you right wing-nut extremist ; )


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