The Case For Border Controls

If people are stupid enough to crowd in such ridiculous numbers onto an obviously unseaworth vessel, what possible use can they be to a civilized society? (Image source)

Uncontrolled immigration is becoming the dominant issue in British politics despite the neo-fascist left’s efforts to suppress criticism of the idea that we should be happy to fill our cities and towns with illegal immigrants.

Well Labour lost the election and are now tearing themselves apart in an ideological battle leaving the sane, pragmatic and sensible with an open goal.

So here for the benefits of those emotionally crippled people who jump on every leftie internet meme in a quest for friends,’likes’, thumbs ups or arse kissing comments and are now screeching about how we desperately need more immigrants, is the case for strictly enforced border controls in a nutshell.

Two red squirrels sitting in a tree. One red squirrel says to the other red squirrel “Those poor foreign squirrels are welcome in our woods, they might be grey, but they’re still squirrels….”

A few years later …

Two grey squirels sitting in a tree. One gray squirrel says to the other gray squirrel, “As soon as there are enough of us we will kill all those red infidels.”

A hundred years later:

Mummy Squirrel and Baby squirrel are sitting in a tree, baby squirrels says to Mummy, “Muuuuuummmmm, is it true that squirrels used to be red?” Mummy squirrel fetches baby a smack round the lug and says, “Be careful what you say. Talking about indidel heresies is UnsquIslamic, if the SquImam hears, you could get us nutted to death.

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