Obama Trumped

The fact that Donald Trump is not only running for the Republican candidacy, but at the moment is ahead in opinion polls is causing almost as much consternation as Jeremy Corbyn’s almost successful bid for the Labour leadership.

Having been one of the people who warned back in 2008 that Barack Obama would be more of a neo con and warmonger than his predecessor Bush (I have the ability to dig deeper into the dark recesses of the internet than most and so learned that Obama’s main financial backer as the wannabes jostled for a place in the starting line up, was a neo – fascist hedge fund boss whose name I am not going to mention because it’s tiresome having to fend off cyber attacks, it was inevitable Obama would turn out to be a corporate rent boy.

Donald Trump is a twat I’m sure, some with long memories might recall me slagging him off comprehensively when he was trying to bribe the Scottish Nazi Party to override local objections and fast track approval for a golf resort he planned to build in Scotland.

Having said that, the guy is great comedy value, comb over and all. Take his piss taking campaign logo for example:

Lefties Trying To Troll Trump Show They Are Semi Literate Morons

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3 thoughts on “Obama Trumped

    • I wouldn’t wish a Trump presidency on anyone, even those simpletons who twice voted for Obama basing their choice solely on the colour of his skin. But I do like Donald’s combover logo.


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