Murder By Ostentatious Kindness

This last couple of days the nation has been in a collective fit of wailing and gnashing teeth over a gruesome image of a dead child being carried from the waters of the Mediterranean having drowned when an overcrowded and unseaworthy boat bound for EU territory from Turkey sank.

There had been so much synthetic grief sloshing around you’d think we were all magically turned into scousers by the furry queen Cilla before she left.

And the lefties and progressives and professional screechers have been eager to blame everybody except of course those who are really to blame.

They have blamed David Cameron, George Osborne (and very possibly Ozzy Osbourne because most lefties are too stupid to be aware there is a difference), Ian Duncan Smith, Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, me, all my mates and fellow common sense bloggers, Katie Hopkins (and very possibly Katie Price because most lefties are too stupid to be aware there is a difference), Delingpole, Hitchens, Guido, Richard Littlejohn, etc. etc.

And who is to blame for putting a young child, your own young child, on a boat like this?

What kind of irresponsible morons would risk getting on a boat like that themselves, let alone risking the lives of children on it?

The dead kids parents of course. They are the ones to blame.

Let’s just remind ourselves of a few points. The family involved are Syrian right? Right. And they set off from Turkey right? Right again.

And in Turkey Syrian refufees are not in any danger from anybody except perhaps other Syrian refugees.

Now think back to that picture, the dead child was well dressed in western style (possibly Benetton) clothing. The family were not hard up.

So we have a resonably well off family in a place where there is no clear and present danger, risking the life of their young child to get to a place where they will not be welcome. Why? Because the greedy, grasping, idle shits have been told the EU gives citizenship, free houses and free money to foreigners who turn up at the borders and say “I’m a refugee, gimme, gimme, gimme.

The greedy stupid parents, blinded by greed to their own folly killede the child, not me, not nigel Farage or David Cameron, not Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders or Donald Trump.

Complicit in the murder and many thousands of others of course are the stupid leftie and ‘progressive’ shits who have encouraged the human trafficking gangs. Such people thing they are virtuous, caring types, but in reality pathological altruism is the most selfish of all moral philosophies. All such people really care about is the approval of their peers. And so they don’t care a fuck about how many die on the way to the promised land, a place flowing with homes and money, all they care about is that they are seen pretending to care.


5 thoughts on “Murder By Ostentatious Kindness

  1. Ian,

    While I agree with the basic gist of what you seem to me to be (brace yourself ; ) morally outraged by, I find it somewhat hard to believe that you don’t smell a rat, so to speak, far more odious than some superficial “lefties” who just want others to see them as compassionate souls.

    How, oh how do you think people in the situation you described those who would get into and/or put their child into such a boat, were in, get the idea that they were headed to “a place flowing with homes and money”? (my compliments on that excellent bit of wordplay, by the way.)And, how did the superficial “lefties” get that idea?

    Me thinks this is not a spontaneous idea, that just sort of bubbled up out of nowhere . . me thinks we are looking at some of the fruits of a very sophisticated long term effort to manipulate (and generate) folks like superficial lefties, by people who are among (or are doing the bidding of), some rather “dark” souls, who actually wanted such people in such boats, with such ideas in their heads.

    I have been looking into that potential, and I can “see” glimpses of the long march of what you sometimes call a “parasitic elite”, complete with organizational/logistical structures and “battle plans” . . and a pervasive strategy of deception an manipulation.

    The goal of that “movement” is and has long been, the complete subjugation (and massive culling)of humanity, it seem glaringly obvious to me anyway. The “trail” leads back through the “false flag” shenanigans, ponzi scheme “economic institutions”, and “lapdog media” systems, and “international organizations”, and BS Siants cults, and perhaps most notably the plethora of “secret societies”.

    The phrase ‘new world order’ is not new, for instance. It first appears (as far as I can determine) in the voluminous writings of one Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, whose occult/spiritist oriented “philosophy” reflects the beliefs of the religion called Theosophy.

    Which spawned what we call the “New Age” movement,largely through their ‘Lucifer Publishing Company'(later changed to Lucis Trust), which was all about promoting “Ostentatious Kindness” as you put it.

    And to this day one can see and hear the “dazzling” teachings of Luciferianism . . filtered through the “ostentatious kindness” of UN technocrats, Free Masons, politicians galore, and the metaphorical hydra of total bullshoot spouting pathological liars featured in slick productions like ‘Ancient Aliens’ and ‘Zeitgist’, and a vast array of movies that echo the same;

    *You have been lied to by the establishment (especially through a certain book that was concocted by evil men (and aliens, bad spirits, etc) trying to enslave your minds, in order to prevent us from “evolving to the next level”, and merge into a collective consciousness flowing with unconditional love . . whence we will all have super powers, hearts of purest gold, live forever (or thereabout) . . and the sex will plentiful and ever toe curling*

    (And plenty of thinly and not so thinly veiled calls for ostracizing, and the eventual need for removing completely, the hate-filled naysayers screwing up our evolutionary vibrational cosmic love frequencies, who have been fooled by evil men (and aliens, bad spirits, etc.) into thinking this is a sophisticated snow-job ; )

    So, I wouldn’t be too quick to cross all those names off the “who’s to blame” list . . or pin the entire blame on dopey “lefties”.


    • Ah but John, either of Britain’s two best selling sensationalist rags, The Daily Mail and The Sun sells more copies per day than the four quality papers between them.

      So while I and many other libertarian bloggers set ourselves the task of challenging the mainstream and encouraging people to look at things from a different angle, we can’t lead them too far off the main route.

      When the dead child image went viral, there was a rising tide of discontent at the pressure being put on Europe to accept refugees. I’m sure that image was used to turn that round and provoke the same kind of emotional response from the Facebook mob as a wet kitten or sad eyed puppy picture would.

      It failed however because events in Hungary over the past week have shown how big and totally out of control the problem is.


      • Ian,

        Yeah, the big O had an extremely similar overly emotional response here last year, and effectively declared our southern border open. For the children you understand, he’s very emotional about children it seems. With so many of these tender hearted souls leading us, it’s no wonder you’re hesitant to drift too far into la la land, away from the main route ; )


  2. Dead right there Ian, tragically enough.
    Funny how (economic) migrants have suddenly turned into “refugees” when Cam’ does a U boat, er, turn and bow waves to underwater pressure to take in thousands more.
    Last time I saw crowds of real refugees on the lamb from real danger ( from Kosovo for eg, I recall ) there was a high percentage mix of older and old folk among them – not dangerously overloaded boatloads of mainly young fit guys dreaming of working self employed in hand car washes to get free housing on housing benefit and the Eldorado of other freebies ahead of hard-grafting long-suffering already overcrowded indigenous populations.


  3. Yes, I’ve been shocked by the depths of extreme poverty these dispossessed refuges have to endure.Some of them are so impoverished they still have to use iPhone 5s.

    And so many of them are fit well fed, young men, they have obviously suffered such hardship they had to eat the old, the women and children in order to get to Europe.


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