Sharia Law To Star In East Enders?

Promoting Sharia Law in Bradford

It’s pretty much common knowledge now that Left Wing activists, supporters of the SWP, UAF, ANL and all those other fringe organisations that, along with Labour supporting extremists make up the fascist core of left wing politics are nothing if not hypocrites who believe that when it comes to advancing their civilization hostile agenda, the end always justifies the means.

No surprise then that the left uniformly support multiculturalism to the extent that they are prepared to destroy European culture in order that alien mores and traditions may replace it.

Look for example at the way lefties are supporting those Muslim fundamentalists in London, Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester, Nottingham, Leicester and elsewhere who are calling for the implemtentation of Sharia Law.

And the leftist idiots are supporting them.

These people, with their BAs and MAs in Meeja Studies, Political Science with Origami or Social Science with modern dance, really are that stupid and ill informed.

All they care about is being seen to be ‘on message’ on Facebook and Twitter, and the ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ they get from making such vacuous gestures, like signing fuckwitted, ill-thought out petitions demanding unrestricted immigration for all three billion poor people in the world (including murderers, rapists, terrorists, religious extremists, vagina mutilators and general cunts,) to show the world how ‘good’ and ‘caring’ they are as they condemn the white working class to a living hell.

But then, these lefties, with their BAs MSs and PhDs are so thick, they probably think Sharia Law is Jude Law’s sister.

Islamic Rage Boy demonstrates against bacon sandwiches

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