MEP In Merkel Mask Mocks Juncker

An Italian MEP in a ~Merkel mask mocked the pusillanimous poltroon posing as President of the EU commission in Stasbourg yesterday as the Luxembourgischer nonentity Jean Claude Juncker (aka J-C Drunkard) lectured representatives of the sovereign nations that make up the European Union on what their elected government’s policies should be.

A speech by Drunkard, who allegedly knocks back several large brandies for breakfast and keeps himself topped up throughout the day, was disrupted by an MEP donning an Angela Merkel mask to heckle Drunkard and disrupt a speech about the need for European nations to displace and marginalise their own people to make room for terrorists, murderers and rapists, vagina mutilators and professional beggars from the third world.

Italy’s MEP, Gianluca Buonnanno, was the man behind the mask and it is thought the stunt may have been part of an anti migrant protest as Italy is one of the nations that has been most disrupted by the EU Bureaucratic dictatorship’s sending out the message that all the worlds dark skinned people are welcome in Europe where they will be given free housing, clothes, medical care, food and spending cash.

Buonnano is a member of the Italian right-wing Northern League party and it is not the first time he has created a stir in European Parliament, in 2014 he “blacked up” in protest of supposedly generous benefits received by African immigrants.

Member states have been warning for years of what would happen. Now it is happening and if the arrogant, elitist twats cannot admit they have been wrong all along and then fuck the fucking fuck off, the end result will be bloodshed and civil unrest.

OK, you’ve all been warned (again)

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