Refugee Crisis: The Stories Mainstream Media will not broadcast

A few days ago on one of my other blogs I featured a video made by a young Syrian girl who told some very uncomfortable truths about what is really happening in Syria.

As a follow up to that, today we have a compilation of clips showing how mainstream media (especially the British government’s Ministry Of Truth aka The BBC) are editing the news to advance the globalist agenda and guilt trip us poor taxpayers into accepting the globalist narrative that we must surrender our nations and cultures to foreign shits because their skin tends to be darker than that of north Europeans.

Here’s a glimpse of the truth about what kind of people our leaders and their brainwashed, dumbed down supporters want to flood Europe with.


EU Bosses Fear Brexit Domino Effect
European leaders met for the first time today to discuss the deal reached over changes to the conditions of Britain’s membership of the European Union. Public opinion in member states has led to fears that an out vote may prompt other EU member states to follow Britain’s lead.

ISIS Oil going through Raqqa
ISIS and Turkey linked in illegal oil deals
Turkey conveying arms to ISIS
Is ISIS a US Creation
Evidence of Turkey ISIS links

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3 thoughts on “Refugee Crisis: The Stories Mainstream Media will not broadcast

  1. Ian,

    “A few days ago on one of my other blogs I featured a video made by a young Syrian girl who told some very uncomfortable truths about what is really happening in Syria.”

    (From that post of yours you linked to there);

    “This girl makes more sense than Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Merkel and all other western criminals and corporate hirelings put together …”

    I agree she does, and I think you’re on the right track there; Criminals. But for reasons I cannot quite fathom, you then leave that track (it seems to me) and begin to speak as though we are confronting something else entirely;

    “Maybe one day they will realize that their subservience to zionism only leads (to) ruin of their individual characters!”

    Ruin of their individual characters? . . I thought you said they were criminals? Aren’t criminals people who already have ruined characters?

    Subservience to zionism ???

    I feel like I’m in a bank that’s being robbed by gunmen dressed as nuns, and you’re telling me *Maybe one day they will realize that their subservience to Christ only leads to ruin of their individual characters!”

    Sir, I’m rather sure we are being attacked by actual criminally insane (pyscho/socio-pathic) gangsters, as in people subservient to their own welfare and security. Not by well meaning souls led astray by this or that philosophy or ideology which they are subservient to.

    They are “subservient” to criminals higher in the “gang” no doubt, but only because they can’t safely get rid of them and take their place. That’s why the top criminals want a totalitarian surveillance/police state so badly, I’m rather sure. Not because they believe this will be best for you or I, or our countries or cultures, or light skinned people or dark skinned people, or any people . . but themselves.

    (Waning; They may dress as nuns, zionists, socialists, newscasters, humanitarians, bureaucrats, Buddhists or just about anything else, BECAUSE they are criminals . . and dressing in striped jumpsuits won’t get them into the bank unrecognized ; )


    • Sorry John, I did not make it clear enough that the paragraph about subservience to Zionism was a comment from the You Tube thread under the video.

      The words below the actual video window are my thoughts. I’ll clarify that point later because like you, while I’m sure there is a wealthy elite orchestrating much of the trouble in the world, I don’t think they are Zionists so much as psychopaths who want total power.


      • My bad, thanks for correcting me, Ian.

        I think I was a bit reactive at the moment, because that comment is indicative of something I have been seeing (and at times trying to respond to) a lot in comment threads lately, enough so, to make me highly suspect I’m seeing the work of some “cointelpro” types . .

        Two basic memes are being pushed hard now, I believe, on those partially “awake” to our general predicament. (Both taking advantage of the sort of the “royal we/they” press release shorthand way of speaking I have been bugging you about.)

        The “West” is the primary target of the psychopathic elite, I feel quite sure, because that’s where the “rule by a few elites” model was largely recognized as an ancient “enemy” of humanity in general. They know there are many folks like you and I in the West who will try to “blow their cover” so to speak, as they try to hide behind “international cooperation”, “multiculturalism”, “socialism”, and “progress”, etc. In short, they know we can see them “hiding”.

        The “zionism” aspect is (to me) a “fall-guy” maneuver, essentially. It plays off the “religion is the great problem” meme, which is now thoroughly indoctrinated into us, to the point where most people cannot even question it’s validity. It’s nonsensical (to me) outside an “occult” style belief system, wherein certain ideas essentially disable the rational mind if they get into our heads.

        This then extends to all sorts of other “dangerous thoughts” that one can see being “demonized” in this almost literal sense . . things “the children” must never be exposed to, lest they become “possessed”, and are lost to this or that “phobia” spirit, or “unscientific” mind-eating “faith” based idea.

        Freedom of the mind is being cast as the great Satan, and “bind faith” in authority figures as our only hope . . by con artists using Orwellian pretzel logic, I say.

        (BTW~ You won’t be able (if you try) to show any evidence that “faith” means anything different in the Book, than it does in a modern laboratory, I am quite sure. It means confidence based on evidence and sound reasoning, and belief based on anything else is spoken of as shameful folly or the like. If one lacks faith in Him, for instance, one is to ask for more evidence and/or sound reasoning, just like (it’s supposed to be) in science . . And if you want Biblical evidence, just ask ; )


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