There’s gratitude for you

So Hausfrau Merkel tells those lovely, peace loving Islamic jihadists, “You can all come to Germany, we are a tolerent nation who welcome multiculturalism and celebrate diversity. And here’s the newly arrived in Germany jihadists message of thanks to the German people:

Translation: you children will pray to Allah or die (Image source: Atlas Shugged (Pam Geller)

It’s time our leaders woke up to what is happening, then they have two options: they can grow backbones and stand up for their people and hope they can do enough so that we dn’t throw them out of office at the first opportunity, or they can admit their whole approach to national sovereignty, immigration and the Islamic jihad has been idiotic, misguided and just plain wrong and then they can fuck the fucking fuck off unless they fancy having their severed heads displayed on iron spikes outside the parliament building of their repecyive county’s.

2 thoughts on “There’s gratitude for you

  1. ISIS have now worked out how to accurately forge Syrian papers and passports…it’s reckoned that two out of every hundred Syrian refugees allowed into European countries will be ISIS terrorists looking for a target.

    That message posted is pretty sickening but you can’t appeal to people’s sense of gratitude when they are so self-righteously zealous.


  2. Taking over Europe has been the game plan all along, why do our leaders think these people will become enlightened liberals the moment they set foot on European soil.

    I know we’re a mongrel nation and all that, and there has always been immigration, but in the past they came in hundreds or thousands, not hundred thousands and millions, and so in the past the newcomers were assimilated.

    These people have no intention of integrating, and coming in such numbers they will not have to. The ghettos are already established.


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