What Putin Will Tell The UN

As blog.co.uk winds down to its inevitable death, I find it harder to muster the enthusiasm needed for writing scintillating blog posts. So from now until the end of days I’ll just keep posting stuff from elsewhere:

LEAKED: Putin Talking Points for UN Speech Spilled by Foreign Minister
from International Observer

On Monday, September 28, Russia President Vladimir Putin is planning a one-day trip to New York City to take part in the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, exactly 10 years after his previous speech there. This time Putin cannot afford to skip the UN session because of the jubilee character of the meeting. No doubt, his address will be one of the most closely watched by the whole world.

Knowing his reserved demeanor, nobody expects him to bang upon the podium with his shoe, but what will the Russian leader bring to New York?

In an interview on the Russian Sunday Time TV program, Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spilled the beans on what his boss would say to the world.

Of course, Putin will be talking about the economic sanctions imposed on his country by the West for Russia’s interference in Ukraine’s politics. Mr. Lavrov, expressing the position of Putin, said that the West had been “obsessed with sanctions measures, and not only toward Russia… As soon as something doesn’t go out according to their [West’s] templates—right away they grab the instrument of sanctions,” he said, and this might be the Putin’s exact future quote.

But the sanctions on Russia won’t become a major issue of Putin’s address.


It should be quite an amusing day with Putin talking his usual, measured, politically mature good sense while the coked up rent boy Obama rants and raves about Russian warmongering as his own US troops are active in all the major conflicts currenty going on, most of which have been started by US meddling in sovereign nation’s domestic politics during the presidency of the man who was sold as the peacemaker, joybringer and aquatic pedestrian.

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