Fuel Allowance For Winter? I Could Be Dead By Then.

the road to wigan pier

The Taxpayers’ Alliance is in trouble with The Islington Screechers and their supporters, the brain dead people who vote Labour in the hope people will think they are ‘nice’, after suggesting the government could cut pensioner benefits now because they might “not be around” at the 2020 general election.

The group also commented that some pensioners might forget about the cuts by the time they go to the ballot box in the next election. (full story)

OK, poor taste but I’m sixty seven and it made me laugh.

The idiot lefties, apart from being completely humourless, have no practical solutions to the world’s or our nation’s many problems (when your credit in maxed out, increasing public spending is not a solution – go and live in Greece if you don’t believe me) but unable to win the debate with reasoned argument have become at taking offence on behalf of others.

One of the benefits under threat is the winter fuel allowance paid to people of pension age. Because of the ‘nice’ peoples’ obsession with the idea that benefits should never be ‘means tested’, we all get this. I don’t need it, none of my friends or family members need it, none of us would object to a simple means test (e.g. We all still pay income tax and therefore don’t need an allowance designed specifically to help older poor people). Why should it be take from the really needy because the ‘nice’ brigade think any kind of a means test is unjust?

The means test horror really shows that far from being progressive as they claim, the left are stuck in the past. In the great depression of the 1920s and 1930s a means test administered by the National Assistance Board was really cruel and unfair, to understand its injustices read George Orwell’s The Road To Wigan Pier – free online HERE, but a .txt document so you’ll have to load it into a word processor for readability.

When I have pointed out before that a lot of people such as myself do not need a Winter Fuel Payment, I alway had a few lefties telling me I should return it then. ONE: Why should I put myself out when I haven’t asked for it. TWO: It would cost us poor taxpayers far more than £250 per head to administer all the returned payments.

So why are we pandering to a bunch of confused fuckwits who are so selfish they’d rather be thought of as ‘nice’ in internet comment threads than be sensible about dealing with problems and make sure benefits go to those who need them.

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