Dogs With Human DNA

We have worked at building our reputation as a website that brings you news you will not see reported in mainstream media and this post is no exception.

Are we going to see a Boggart Blog exposé of mad scientists creating human / canine hybrids, you might well ask having formed a very reasonable interpretation of the title. Well no, control freak biologists conducting Nazi style experiments in creating man – dog superwarriors would be right up our street, but the story being covered in more prosaic than that. We are sticking with yesterdays’s main topic, sausages. Hot Dog’s in fact.

American Hot Dog (image source)

It is bad enough to think that, as we have told you many times in the past, these tasty snacks beloved of American teenagers, have as the ingredients providing most of the meat content, lips, arseholes, eyeballs, kidneys, spleens, insects, poo, horsemeat and those mysterious rubbery bits that are just impossible to chew.

OK, fair enough, we’ve all eaten shite when we are young, drunk and far away from our mothers’ refrigerators. But the horror of Hot Dogs does not end with lips and arseholes.

When, as a child, you used pester power to bully your parents into buying you a hot dog we are certain that as a last desperate line of defence before Mum and Dad caved in was the phrased (wailed in a plaintive voice), “Surely you don’t want to actually eat one of those do you? Have you any idea what goes into them? Chances are you didn’t and despite their reservations, neither did your parents.

The case is you see, that according to a recent study, over one in ten hot dogs contain stuff that should not be in a Hot Dog*, including ……………….. wait for it ……………….. human DNA. Yes there are dead bits of people (though not necessarily bits of dead people) in your Hot Dog. While lips, arseholes, insects and the rest might seem reasonable, any suggestion a hot dog contains human DNA sounds like a conspiracy theory or they synopsis of a dystopian movie.

According to a study for “The Hot Dog Report” by Clear Food, which provides molecular analysis of commonly purchased food brands, 14.4% of samples tested were euphemistically labeled “problematic.” According to the report: “Clear Food found human DNA in 2% of the samples, and in 2/3rds of the vegetarian samples.”

Hot dogs are often described as “mystery meat.” Now you know why.

*This article refers only to Hot Dogs as the snack consisting of a German sausage served in a split roll and dressed with mustard or ketchup. Those people currently campaigning for the legalisation of marriages between animals and humans may well know of a hot dog they would like to put their DNA into but we would rather not contemplate such things.

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