Christians Are Not Safe In Europe, European Parliament President Says

In a meeting on religious tensions in Europe today (3 December, 2015), European Parrliament (EP) President Martin Schulz said that the persecution of Christians in Europe is under – reported and does not receive enough media attention, which has also meant that it “has not been properly addressed”.

I’m not a Christian myself (a cultural Christian maybe byt I don’t believe in God and think of Jesus as a Childrens’ story, but I do respect the right of people to be Christians. And I have warned throughout my ten years blogging that the idiocies of Politicak Correctsness would lead the kind of emotional retards who embrace it, in their eagerness to be ‘fair’ to certain groups to become grossly unfair to others.

Why should Chistians be told their faith offends Muslims and they must never display its symbols or express its sentiments in public, while at the same time being forced to tolerate the anti- Christian excesses of certain other faith and of militant atheists? That all seems very politically incorrect to me.

Read a longer article on the persecution of Christians:

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