Turkey’s links to Islamic State

It has been easy for New World Order controlled mainstream media and the social media Pavlov’s sheeple who shout ‘conspiracy theory’ whenever triggered by an off message article to defend Obama’s illegal war against the Assad regime (who are nasty to be sure, but as we have seeen in Libya and Iraq, not as nasty as what would replace them). New research from Columbia University proves however that NATO member and western ally Turkey has been funding and materially helping the terrorists since the outbreak of hostilities.

The full report is not available online but follow the link below and you will find significant excerpts and links to academic commentary on it.

The Russian Government is on a mission. We are not yet sure what their ultimate aim is but in the short term it seems The Kremlin is determined to demonstrate that the regime of Recep Tayyip Edrogan in Ankara is not only sympathetic to the Islamic State terror group, but has actively been assisting their war effort for the past two years. Read more >>>

Erdogan Threatened to Flood Europe With Refugees Unless EU Deal Agreed
Newly published documents show that the President of Turkey Recep Erdogan threatened the European Commission with a series of demands over its proposed membership of the European Union in return for agreement to stem the flow of migrants entering Europe.

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