Why Should I Integrate With New Arrivals

My family name is Thorpe, it is a good old northern English name and comes from the Danes or even The Brigantes the people who were in this part of Britain before the Saxons, long before the Norman Conquest.

My Dad was at El Alamein and took part in the allied campaign in the Mediterranean. There were Thorpes at The Somme, Waterloo, Ramilles, Agincourt and Stamford Bridge as well as more local kerfuffles. We are an English family.

There are similiar families in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Sweden, throughout Europe in fact; not xenophobic but happy to be of our nation and culture.

So I was somewhat perturbed to read Standard & Poors (who the fuck are they to tell us what to do?) are warning that the refusal of Europeans to integrate in the face of an influx of migrants is putting European Unity at risk.

Why the fuck should we integrate, we were here first by a few hundred thousand years. Why should we give up eating bacon because Muslims disapprove of pigs, why should we give up owning dogs because immigrants say dogs are unclean animals, why should our girls be at risk of being raped because men from some parts of the world just can’t control themselves when they see a woman showing a bit of leg or walking in the street without a veil over her face.

In our countries it is our ways that count, not the mores and norms of people from alien cultures whom we did not invite to come as conquerors and take over our homelands. We should not hate the new arrivals of course, but we should hate the politicians, academics, media luvvies, self righteous hand wringers and general cunts who tell us we must yield our heritage in the name of ‘diversity’.

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