How ToSave Yourself When Foreigners Invade

Americans, as we know, love guns. And sometimes we encounter a gun nut who likes to tell citizens of the world’s most civilised country that we are a bunch of pussies because we don;t all carry guns everywhere.

This article from the Daily Sheeple is an example. The author seems to be suggesting that we could combat a bunch of AK47 carrying fanatics if we all carried guns.

UK Video Instructs Viewers to Run and Hide From Mass Shooters

Not surprisingly, people living in the UK don’t have many options to protect themselves during a mass shooting event. Their society has been almost completely disarmed, both physically and mentally. By that I mean, they not only lack firearms for personal protection, but their culture also demands they act like a bunch of lemmings when their lives in danger.

If you don’t believe me, check out this video that was put together by the National Police Chiefs Council. While police in the US are starting to tell citizens to protect themselves and their communities, the police in the UK have gone a different route. They’ve opted to provide a rather embarrassing instructional video for anyone who doesn’t want to be shot to pieces by gun-toting lunatics.

It seems like good advice to me, and let’s be honest, it has served us well for centuries. As you will see here:

So as soon as you hear someone shouting Allahu Akbar (which I told is Arabic for “Fetches la vache” don’t hang around to see what’s going on,


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