Re-Branding Dissent – The Quiet Destruction Of Democracy

Many people, all the contributors to this publication among them, fear that democracy is being destroyed. OK, OK, hipsters will say but ‘we’ve never had democracy’, or, ‘it was destroyed long ago’, but left wing deceit aside, I think its worth actually thinking about how, many forms of democratic expression, effective dissent and peaceful self-determination are being outlawed and abolished in a sustained attack on free speech and civil rights.

One of the ways in which this is being done is through the aggressive trolling of internet comment threads by left wing activists who launch hate attacks at those daring to express unorthodox views or opinions.

With freedom of speech and thought effectively abolished in the workplace and in public areas by ‘human rights’ law (the right to never have to hear or see anything that might be offensive to certain minorities) and ‘hate speech laws’ the enemies of democracy have ended free speech without ever having to publicly admit it was being done.

<a href="Re-Branding Dissent – The Quiet Destruction Of Democracy

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