Pig’s Organs To Be Put Into Humans?

It was announced today that The Home Office is expected to approve the transpalntation of pigs organ’s into humans. A press release said human-animal chimeras will be allowed if the benefits outweigh the risks.


David Cameron’s hottest girlfriend (Image source)

Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to support the move, he can hardly object to pigs organs going into humans when everybody knows he has in the past put his organs inside a pig.

Human organs are already being cultivated in animals by US in a controversial technique that is likely to be approved by the Home Office this week.  Numerous pigs and sheep have so far been implanted with embryos which have both animal and human DNA but we cannot ascertain whether the organs grown in these freakish monsters have yet been used in humans. What we have found out is that early experiments in implanting pig organs into humans were disastrously unsuccessful and therefore were not widely publicised because the medical science community does not disclose its failures and because of the expected public outcry over the ethical issues raised.

The very dodgy sounding technique is probably more likely to prove successful in some cases. The scientists conducting such experiments  hope that when the hybrid animals are fully grown, their organs will be fully transplantable into patients without rejection because they carry human genetic material.

This seems rather insane because we know that humans who receive human organs in transplants have to take drugs to suppress the auto-immune system so that the human organs are not rejected.

This week the Home Office’s Animals in Science Committee will publish the first guidance on the use of animal human chimeras. The committee is expected to say that such research will be heavily regulated, but allowed if it can show that the benefits would outweigh the harms.
There is currently a desperate organ donor shortage in Britain, mainly driven by medical advances which are saving more lives following accidents. Family members of  suitable donors are increasingly refusing to give consent and more than 429 people died in 2014 waiting for a transplant.There are also concerns that the number of useable organs is dropping because donors are older and less fit. A quarter of organs are now taken from obese patients compared with one in eight a decade ago. Scientists may think that if organs from lardy people will work, organs from pigs will be fine, but it seems like a very big leap of logic to us.

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