Latest Fashion Trend: European Women in Hijab


Appropriate attire for discouraging ‘rapefugees’ (Image source)

Since forced multiculturalism and “diversity” drove the culture of Muslim nations and the values of Islam into the West we are now being told that hijab is the latest thing.

This is where fashion house Dolce & Gabbana meets the anti-White establishment, trying to be “edgy” teaming up with the political mainstream, who is enforcing multiculturalism and “diversity.”

Since some European countries have been banning the burka, hijab and other Muslim garb, here is a new approach to get it onto the streets of Europe and onto White women: Market it as the latest thing.

Give German women a bit more time with the #rapefugees and soon enough they will “choose” to wear a hijab. Why not do it in style?

Here is the story from

Italian label Dolce & Gabbana unveiled its debut hijab and abaya (the latter of which are the full-length, long-sleeved dresses worn by some Muslim women) collection on and it’s stunning.

Women who choose to wear the hijab have pretty limited choices when it comes to designer clothing that meets their needs but one prominent fashion house has stepped up to the mark with its first collection of hijabs and abayas.


Some left wing, hipster  idiots will fall for it of course, to ignorant and ill – informed to understand that Taharrush is an old Arab and north African phenomonon, using rape as a weapon of war has been one of the region’s more quaint and endearing customs for generations. Wearing a hijab does not protect a woman, only a man with a curved sword or keeping an AK47 tucked in her knickers can do that.

But who cares, only left wing, hipster idiots would bay £££stupid for Dolce and Gabbana tat, sensible women will get a cheap copy (which comes out of the same third world sweat shop) for a tenth the price.



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