German Feminist Says Authorities Covered Up Muslim Sex Crime For Twenty Years

Police and Authorities Covered Up Problem For 20 Years say prominent German womens’ Rights Campaigner.

Angela Merkel And Alice Schwarzer fail to see eye to eye on Merkel’s policy of ignoring Muslim men’s sex crimes for the sake of multiculturalism and diversity.

As the outcry about sex attacks on European women by recently arrived Muslim migrants refuses to die down, a leading German feminist, Alice Schwarzer, has said the politically correct “bubble has burst” and Germans should speak out against Islamic extremism and refusal to respect German and European traditions. She claimed German police have been covering up the rape culture of Muslim males for 20 years, and said that sexual violence was now being used as a weapon of war in Germany.

We have warned in the past that the politically correct, sociopathic idiots who lead western nations have been deliberately importing people whose behaviour, while normal in the third world cesspits these brutes crawl out of, could never be acceptable in western democracies.

By in large, the feminist, who tend to be more concerned with being seen to be politically correct that with genuine womens’ equality issues, react to the migrant sex attacks problem either  by denying it exists or trying to deflect attention from it by screeching about a fantasy “western rape culture”. Others occasionally blame women victims for rape, because multiculturalism.

As  we reported shortly after the attacks, a local feminists and socialist politicians in Cologne blamed European women for the rapes and accused them of dressing in ways that was bound to incite Muslim men to violence. Some left wingers even held a protest in support of further mass migration, and a British feminist publication tried to justify blaming female victims because the male Muslim attackers were “oppressed”.

Alice Schwarzer (pictured left, next to German Chancellor Angela Merkel), is a veteran “second wave” feminist who rose to prominence before feminism became preoccupied with same sex marriage and  excuising Islamic and misogynistic Muslim culture which permits not only rape of Kaffir (impure, i.e. non Muslim) women, but domestic violence, masrital rape, forced marriage and a view of women that condemns them to lives of virtual slavery.

Schwarzer has previously called for a ban on the wearing of the Islamic headscarf in schools or other public settings, and warned of a creeping Islamisation of Europe, which in her opinion would lead to an erosion of human rights, especially women’s rights.

She told German newspaper Die Welt in an interview yesterday that her Cologne based magazine has been one of the only voices speaking out for women in Germany over the past 25 years.

“Since then, I have in certain circles been cheerfully reviled as a racist by multicultualists,  Leftists and converts to Islam”, she said, explaining that she has faced “enormous intimidation” from left wing Europeans and extreme right wing Muslims for speaking out

“Entire books have been published against me to try to shut me up. But in my case, it has not succeeded.”

She also accused German police of covering up the scale of migrant and Muslim rape and sex crime for more that two decades.

“20 years ago, a Cologne police officer said to me: ‘Alice, 70 to 80 percent of all rapes in Cologne go to the account of Turks.’ I was shocked and replied: ‘You absolutely must make it public! Even a Turk is not born as a rapist. There must be causes. What’s going on here? What can we do?’

“But the message was clear: ‘No way, that’s not politically expedient’. And it is this kind of political correctness that conceals the truth of Muslim rape culture” she said.

She also said that there are in fact many people in Germany who, like her, feel, “critical about the importation of so many migrants and refugees in Germany and their failure to integrate”. She said people have not spoken because they “fear the racism accusation”, but after Cologne, “This bubble has now burst”.

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