Unemployment falling? The Great Statistical Con Trick

President Barack Hussein Obama in his “State Of The Union” speech earlier this week was the president’s claimed that his administration had turned the economy around and was creating millions of ‘new jobs’ every year. The US Labor Department claims the economy created 292,000 jobs in December alone … In spite of the US economy having created almost 6 million jobs over the last two years according to official figures, more Americans than ever (93 million according to estimates) are out of work.

Follow the main link for an analysis of the current state of affairs in the employment markets of the developed nations, and find in that article many links to other items we have posted over the past few years that show how the public have been conned about the true levels of unemployment and under employment in the developed nations.

Did you know for example that if a person has a job, say a school crossing attendant or something like that, which provides just one hour a day paid work, for statistical purposes they are counted as in employment. That is just one of the many scams pulled by governments and the public service sector to hide how much brown smelly stuff the global economy really is in.

Unemployment falling? The Great Statistical Con Trick


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