Mainstram Media Finally wake Up To Migrant Crisis

In a move that will leave many of its shocked and disoriented, The Sun, the tabloid of tits and trivia today woke up to the immigration crisis that is threatening the social stability of European nations and reported some real news.

A STAGGERING 1,800 migrants a day have arrived in EU entry-point Greece since the New Year — more than one a minute.

The International Organisation of Migration said the figure was 2,100 per cent up on the whole of January last year.

Since January 1, 31,244 migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe.

The revelation came as global economic watchdog the International Monetary Fund warned Europe was struggling to cope with the huge influx.

Scary stuff but we, our worldwide edition Boggart Abroad, and our companion The Daily Stirrer have been reporting the development of this problem into a full blown catastrophe over the past three years.

The Sun has discovered that the influx of migrants threatens to destabilise the Labour markets of EU countries and reduce wage levels. We warned of this probability years ago.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where later this week David Cameroin will make his pitch for a better deal for Britain, European Council President Donald Tusk warned the crisis was so great the EU’s Shengen zone, the area in which free movement across national borders is allowed, is in danger of collapsing within two months. It must be reiterated that the Schengen open borders zone was intended to let EU citizens move freely between member states, not to facilitate free entry to Europe for people from Africa and the middle east.
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