Putin Slags Off Communist Heroes

As western politicians and media get more and more hysterical in their attempts to demonise Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader keeps showing he is no successor to the brutal Soviet regimes of Lenin, Stalin and their successors. In fact his latest attack on Russia’s Soviert leaders featured an extensive quotation from dissident writer (and hero of western Conservatives in the Reagan Thatcher era although the man was no conservative himself, Alexander Solshenitzin:


As Finian Cunningham wrote inInformation Clearing House” ( January 28, 2016 ) Washington and London are all-out to demonize Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Only days after a British judge insinuated that Putin had ordered the murder of a former Russian intelligence agent without offering any evidence, the BBC and the American Treasury Department were accusing the Russian president of financial corruption. Meanwhile, in the world of hard facts Washington and London are guilty of state terrorism involving the murder of millions of innocent people. We may marvel at the discrepancy. It’s called brainwashing.

Enough has already been written about the death of Alexander Litvinenko in London 10 years ago to dispel official British claims that the incident had anything to do with Vladimir Putin or anyone else at the Kremlin. Yet the risibly flimsy nature of the so-called British public inquiry did not stop British premier David Cameron mouthing condemnations against Russia.

That feeble propaganda stunt failed to gain any credibility, so this week the state-owned BBC aired a program that «reveals» how the Russian leader is, allegedly, an embezzling tycoon. The BBC features the US Treasury «confirming» allegations that Putin has become a multi-millionaire through corruption, which, we are told, Washington has known about for «many, many years».

As with the so-called Litvinenko inquiry, the latest corruption «revelations» from the BBC are presented without the slightest proof. The central bit of «evidence» are claims by the BBC that Putin got rich in part from the gifting of a luxury yacht from London-based Russian business magnate Roman Abramovich. Talk about tenuous tale-spinning. And, to boot, Abramovich is quoted by the BBC as dismissing its own threadbare claims as ridiculous.

The Kremlin barely responded to any of these claims, and is right not to dignify them by making formal denials. Russia’s foreign ministry rebuffed the Litvinenko speculation as a «bad joke» while on the corruption claim Putin’s spokesman rubbished it as «fiction».

Nevertheless, it is a disturbing sign of egregious discourtesy to diplomatic norms that Washington and London are openly throwing such slander at the Russian president. It shows a complete breakdown in respect for international law, sovereignty and scruples; not that Washington or London had much scruples to begin with.

Read all at Information Clearing House

Now let’s not be naive here, I’m sure there is very little the Russian security services get up to that Vladimir Putin is not aware of, but the decision to eliminate enemies of the state is something national leaders have to do. Litvinenko was a spy and appears to have worked against Russian interests. Dr. David Kelly was a United Nations weapons inspector who was about to blow the whistle on how the Bush Administration in the USA and Tony Blair’s Labour Government in the UK had fabricated evidence of Saddam Hussein’s ‘Weapons of mass Destruction’ to justify going to war in Iraq.Dr. Kelly was found dead in his car, with wounds to his wrists. Suicide, the official verdict said.

A private inquest commissioned by Kelly’s family reported that he had not died from the cuts to his wrists which wee not deep enough to be fatal and cause of death was a blow to the back of the head with a blunt object. HE HIT HIMSELF ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A HAMMER. FUCK OFF.

David Cameron was certainly involved in authorising the murder of Muammar Gadaffi, Gadaffi was allegedly killed by a mob of his own people but do we really believe the cobined resuorces of Britain, France and the USA could not have captured him had he not been in a position to reveal details of some very embarrassing deals the Libyan dictator cut with various western governments.

Barack Obama by his own admission (actually he was boasting about it), is ‘ggod at killing people. In fact his presidency is mre likely to be remembered for the numbers he killed and the wars he started rather than any good he did.

So let’s grow up a bit shall we. Sure, Putin is a cunt, but let’s not pretend he’s the only one. It’s a quality shared by all national leaders.

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