Labour MP Says Cologne Sex Attacks ‘Very Similiar’ to Normal Weekend in Birmingham

Labour MP Jess Phillips thinks rape is OK so long as the rapist has darker skin than his victim (Image source)

Speaking as a panelist on BBC television’s political debate show Question Time on Thursday 28 January, Labour MP Jess Phillips said the mass sex attacks which took place in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve 2016 were no worse than an average weekend night in Birmingham UK. Constituents and Birmingham residents called on her to resign from Parliament when police statistics were cited to show that Birmingham experienced the same number of attacks in the whole preceding year as Cologne did in that one night.

Like all BBC political programming, Question Time is notorious for packing its studio audiences with supporters of the anti – British, pro immigrant Labour Party and fringe left groups that while claiming the moral high ground, always seem able to find excuses for the most hideous crimes when they are committed by immigrants of the dark skinned races, while calling for lynch – mob justice for white European men who commit lesser crimes.

To prove this point Phillips added, “There is violence against women and girls that you are describing, a very similar situation to what happened in Cologne could be described on Broad Street in Birmingham every week where women are baited and heckled.

“We have to attack what we perceive as being patriarchal culture coming into any culture that isn’t patriarchal and making sure we tell people not to be like that.

“But we should be careful in this country before we rest on our laurels when two women are murdered every week.”

Far more women are murdered per capita in Germany and Sweden (which had only one eighth of Britain’s population), both nations have witnessed a huge rise in murder of women and rape since they adopted ‘open doors immigration policies,  allowing migrants (predominantly young males) from north Africa and the middle east, travelling without passports or even the most basic forms of identity, to enter their countrys without restriction.

659 women were sexually assaulted in Cologne* on New Year’s Eve by gangs of men. Harrowing testimonies emerged over the next few days, including stories of girls who had every shred of clothing torn from their bodies, and others who were gang raped. In spite of police and medical reports confirming that the assailants were “exclusively foreign men of north African or middle eastern origin”, left wing haters of British and European people and cultures continue to deny this was the case. Left wing activists are similarly in denial about the cases of grooming and sexual exploitation of young people in the local authority care system by gangs of predominantly Pakistani men even though cases in Rotherham, Sheffield, Oxford, Birmingham, Bradford and Reading have gone to court and resulted in the abuses being given prison sentences.

In Germany, migrants are being handed manuals upon arrival which instruct them not to grope women, and in Finland the government is backing voluntary classes for migrants instructing them that dancing with a women in a nightclub does not automatically mean she wants sex. The EU, for all its hypocritical, poltitically correct posturing,  has been bullying member nations into allowing into their populations men from cultures in which women are still regarded as chattels and women who go out alone or as part of female groups as impure and therefore deserving of being raped.

As all this is well known, we can stte with certainty that Jess Phillips is a hypocrite who screams about rape and secual violence when white men are involved but is quite hayyp to approve of rape cases in which the attacker’ skin is darker than that of the victim. Clearly this woman is insane and should not be in parliament, lodgings in a secure psychiatric until would be a more appropriate case for her.

* (Hundreds of others, both men and women were groped forcefully and had all their belongings, including wallets and electronics, stolen by the marauding gangs.In total, 821 complaints were made to the police in Cologne alone, and a further 500 or so across the country. 200 complaints of a similar nature were made in Hamburg. Similar attacks were also reported in France, Sweden and Finland.)


Islamification Of Germany: Regensburg City Council Considers ‘Women-Only’ Transportation
Public segregation of men and women, women only buses, segregated sessions at the swimming pool. European politicians have betrayed the people of Europe and are giving away our traditional freedoms in order to appease bestial Muslim immigrants.

Are The Ruling Elites waking Up At Last To The Problems Cause By Mass Muslim Immigration?

German Feminist Says Authorities Covered Up Muslim Sex Crime For Twenty Years
… a leading German feminist, Alice Schwarzer, has said the politically correct “bubble has burst” and Germans should speak out against Islamic extremism and refusal to respect German and European traditions. She claimed German police have been covering up the rape culture of Muslim males for 20 years, and said that sexual violence was now being used as a weapon of war in Germany.

Women Fear To Go Out Alone In Danish Town Due to Migrant Assaults
Numerous instances of young girls being sexually harassed or intimidated by Muslim migrants have provoked the citizens of Thisted a town into realized the Islamophiliac elite will do nothing to help and the people must take the law into their own hands or accept Sharia Law.

London gangs ‘pressuring 9yo girls into group sex’ – UK Home Office report
A new report from the UK Home Office, the government department that deals with law and order reveals that the street gang culture imported along with these illegal immigrants has led to girls as young as nine unlucky enough to live in areas ‘controlled’ by these gangs are being sexually exploited and forced to service multiple men, after being groomed to think such behaviour is ‘normal’.

Sharia courts creating dual justice system in UK?
As if we did not have enough immigration problems to deal with as the inflow of illegal immigrants (or refugees and asylum seekers as our ruling elites insist on calling them) shows no sign of slowing.

Thousands Flood The Streets In Germany As Fury Over Refugee Sex Assaults Reaches Boiling Point
What mostly news reports in English speaking countries initially believed was isolated riot by newly arrived migrants in Cologne’s city center now appears not to have been confined to the German city but was a bloc-wide phenomenon as women in Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, France and other places have come forward to report being molested

New Year’s Eve, Germany: 1,000+ Migrants Brawl, Rape, Sexually Assault, And Steal At Cologne Railway Station
Details of the sexual assaults and attacks on peaceful Germans by large gangs of migrants in Cologne in the early on the morning of January 1, are just now emerging. Not a word on this story was printed in mainstream European newspapers or reported in television and radio news bulletins.

German Anger Boils Over: Shots Fired At German Refugee Home; One Asylum Seeker Hit


Many may have forgotten because of all this – if only temporarily – about Europe’s biggest crisis at the moment: the onslaught by over one million refugees, who are desperate to escape from the political disaster that are the result of western interference in the domestic politics of middle eastern countries like broken states of Syria and Iraq.

Sweden’s Migrant Crackdown Could Spell The End Of Open Borders Across Europe

As we have reported many times over the past year, Sweden has been more hard hit by the crimes and lawlessness of illegal immigrants from primitive third world societies than anywhere else in Europe. Even the Sweden hating socialists cannot ignore the epidemic of rape crimes, assaults and the general contempt for Swedish society, law, culture and traditions that illegal immigrants from Africa and the middle east have expressed through their actions.

EU Report Reveals Continent Being Changed By Migration

While political leaders and the mass media constantly preach of the economic benefits and cultural enrichment that sping from mass immigration,EU Report Reveals Continent Being Changed By Migration just a few days ago we reported a study that found the economic benefits are a myth and today a report published by the EUs in house statistical bureau reveals immigrants have an adverse effect socially and culturally.

London Cop Confirms Donald Trump UK Radicalisation Claims
When Donald Trump, currently frontrunner in the contest to be Republican Party candidate in the USA’s 2016 Presidential Election, in a campaign broadcast commented that Islamisation of the west has gone so far parts of London are so heavily populated with Muslim extremists there are now no go zones for police and emergency services, he was attacked by politicians and the mainstream media.

Opposition Party to Sue Austrian Government Over Complicity In People Trafficking
We have reported previously that in their eagerness to complete the genocide of Europe’s white working classes, the political and business elites are prepared to make a mockery of their own laws. One way in which this has been done is by turning a blind eye to people trafficking so that the entry of illegal immigrants to Europe would not be slowed by national law. We can’t claim credit for the action reported here, we have very few Austrian readers, but it’s good to see oyhers are starting to think.
Immigrant rapes, Germany and Sweden
Europe migration stats
Immigration omnibus
Immigration law Austria
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  1. […] Labour MP Says Cologne Sex Attacks ‘Very Similiar’ to Normal Weekend in Birmingham Speaking as a panelist on BBC television’s political debate show Question Time on Thursday 28 January, Labour MP Jess Phillips said the mass sex attacks which took place in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve 2016 were no worse than an average weekend night in Birmingham UK […]


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